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I work for an A/V production company who does conferences and trade shows. So I’m fucked.

I was a salaried employee but as of this Monday I’m now hourly, with no hours to be had. Every major show has cancelled for the foreseeable future. It will be months before I get any work.

The upside is I’ve got a small savings account. It’s enough to get me by for a few months. I live pretty lean and don’t have any credit card debt and my cars are paid off. And I’m still an employee so my health insurance is great and mostly paid for. I’m currently looking into getting a job stocking shelves to bring some income in.

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I am in pharmaceutical manufacturing. I have been working 60+ hour weeks for the last year and a half. No slowing down for now.
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Originally posted by Pale Horse:
I work for an A/V production company who does conferences and trade shows. So I’m fucked.

My wife and I have a friend in that industry, more overall event than A/V, but close enough. He had 24 people. He had to layoff 20 of them on Monday.
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My daughter and son in law live in Maui. The coffee shop she works for notified her yesterday that they will be closing down for an indefinite period of time. My son in law is a chef at a resort. He got the same news on the same day. Bummer part is they just bought a new house to the tune of $600K. What a bummer for those two Frown
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So the downside to those in the medical profession is dramatic in the short haul. All non-urgent visits or procedures are being recommend to defer by CDC and most states. Practices are in a tough spot - adhering to that will reduce their revenue somewhere between 20-80% in many cases. Ignoring guidance may put staff and patients at risk along with general population spread.

For example dentists in MS are being told not to see any patients other than emergent cases - that's a huge hit. Hospital-based radiology is seeing a 20-35% drop off in volume in just a few weeks, other specialties the same.

No way to predict how this shakes out. A spike in volume may drive demand in a lot of specialties while prolonging the prescribed limitation of work for others. All of that while some of these folks such as ER docs, infectious disease, etc. will likely see a schedule-crushing increase in demand that will stretch their resources.

Lots of unknown but even when you get outside the unfortunate situation of hourly folks without work it affects a lot of people up the chain.

I know, I know, doctors will hopefully be better prepared to deal with that. However as one person told me long ago; these doctors make a lot of money but they've got bills and obligations just like you and me, just with bigger numbers. I promise you their personal stress is as high as any other demographic right now.

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20% salary cut. Non-exempt employees are laid off company wide.


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My BIL and SIL are both self employed. Dentists. They got a letter from the State Board today, telling them to cease all business effective at noon. They may do emergency work, but there is a strict set of guidelines. For example, you have a toothache but no facial swelling? Tough, brah. You don't meet the guidelines.

I'm a veterinarian, and so far we are batting about 75% being considered "Essential Services." So for now, we are open. Some of my colleagues are shutting down, but so far we are unaffected and rolling with it, if at some point we have to shut we had already decided to pay our full staff's wages for the duration of the shutdown. May get painful.


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My job is 98% being in the office. The office is closed until at least 4/7 but realistically the closure is going to be all of April if not May as well. I'm currently working from home but I fear the bean counters are going to look at numbers and realize I'm dead weight. I'm figuring out what kind of work I can have shifted to me but I'm not sure how much there is. Getting laid off would stink. I've done some quick math and going to part time would pay me more than unemployment and keep me in some benefits. I'd rather drop to 16-20hrs/week than go on the dole. Health insurance is through my wife and her job is secure so that's one less thing to worry about. A lot of people have it much worse than I do so I'm thankful my situation is all just theory right now.
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No complaints - grateful for what we have (pensions, healthcare, no debts) which I remind myself came from a long life of not over-reaching on buying too much stuff. 401k bled out a lot but I'm not looking at it because it's there for the long run. Family members in good shape with current careers, at least for the moment. Holding on, waiting to see which way this thing goes. Sad there is not much that any of us can do except follow the rules and avoid being a vector or a victim.
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I'm a retired Fed on a pension, so as long as they don't hand out all the money, I should be fine.

My investment portfolio was 50/50 stocks/bonds, so half of it's in the tank like everyone else's.

I do non-food on-demand deliveries on the side. Luggage at the airport has dried up, but there are more Home Depot and Tractor Supply deliveries. But, the competition for the gigs has increased.

The worst part is not being able to go in restaurants and eat while out driving (to get out of the car for a little while, take a leak, etc.).
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As full time woodturners my wife and I use the fine art show income as mostly to pay for extra's around the house, new washer, upgrades, etc. My SS covers all the basics, utilities, food, etc. The cars are paid for as is the house and I have my home brew beer activities to fall back on to cover happy hours!

The good side is we now have ample time to work on new woodturnings and more stock for the upcoming summer shows. All the April/May shows have been cancelled, hopefully it won't extend deeply into the summer activities.

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So far no mandated retail closings here in MI. My service calendar is full for the next couple weeks. We are not taking outside (product we didn't sell) warranty work at this point. We are screening customers both at the time they make an appointment and when we call the night before to confirm if anyone in the household has a cough, fever or upper respiratory symptoms or is anyone has traveled by air or train in the past 2 weeks.. This is the same screening process the national consumer lines are using for dispatches. Customers are told their appointment will be moved out 14 days if they answer yest to any of those questions.
Biggest issue is we can't get any freezers until May.

My wife is a livestock farmer.. She just shipped a load of goats Monday and got a check for them today. Lots of calls for goat meat and chicken of late.

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Wife’s a realtor. I’m in a business related to auto racing.
Both are pretty much full stop until further notice.
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Hurts me. I've had a garden center/deli tenant that paid 25k annual triple net rent for the past 23 years. Handed me the keys end of Feb. Not all virus, had a 2 year road project that made access difficult. Anyway I've listed the property with a good commercial realtor at a lower than expected price. Early yet but no interest in this uncertain mkt.

Stocks are down about 25% but I'm defensive with strong div payers and the div will support me along with a couple of contract for deed re sales. Wife has a good pension and maxed out ss so we're ok but I think there should be a funeral for all the $$$ gone to money heaven these last couple weeks.

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Originally posted by jljones:
Originally posted by holdem:
Originally posted by jljones:
Thanks rburg, I deleted my post while you were posting because I felt bad that so many people are hurting because of this and I’m probably going to get OT for it.

Jones, don't feel bad. As the economy ebbs and flows, there will always be people on both sides. It actually helps to hear that other people are doing well. It helps me have faith that the system will not fail.

Alright. The meat and potatoes of my deleted post is that is my day job. Rumors are circulating that investigations may get transferred to patrol to beef up their numbers if any one of the plethora of rumors circulating were to come true.

But, as far as I know that’s the case with every local, state and federal agency. One of the detectives I work with is state police. He expects to back on the road soon if any of this is true. Likely, the feds I work with will be there as well.

Care to share the rumors?

I have an essential .gov job too. I'm more worried about family and others.


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I knew this was going to be bad, but sorry to hear so many on this board will be hurting.

Ops normal for me - the freight still has to move, all around the world. My friends at the passenger carriers are all nervous because it is going to be ugly for them.

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I own a Yacht Management business that manages and maintains yachts and am a Yacht Captain in Fort Lauderdale. My business has been hit extremely hard and I lost 80% of my business for the next 3 months.

Next 30 days, I lost 16 full days Captaining which is highly profitable due to: 2 days because the Palm Beach Boat Show was Cancelled, a 13 day trip to the Exumas, Bahamas because the owners are in Guatamala and couldn't come here if they wanted to, and another 1 day for warranty work that can't get done now.

Then April 24th I lost another 4 days because a new yacht that was supposed to be finished, can't due to the factory closing and won't be until end of June. Plus I'd have a lot of work in May on that boat outfitting it for the owner (spare parts, more gadgets, etc.)

Then a 2 week + trip in June, taking it from Fort Lauderdale to Panama City, Panama and then training the owners Captain and a trip on it with them. Is now delayed until August due to the yacht delivery being delayed.

I have another 2 week trip May 12th Ft. Myers to NYC, which hasn't canceled but I doubt it will happen on time either...….

So basically 80% of my business from now until end of June has evaporated within a few days time. I only have 4 management yachts right now, so I have some work on those that's normal monthly maintenance, but doesn't amount to a whole lot overall.

The only saving grace is I currently have no money in the market when SHTF and it was/is all in a money market, and I have 5 residential tenants paying rent.
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Apart from the increased chance of exposure and infection from contact with the public, and having to follow a ton of new protocols, my regular hours are staying the same. I lost all over my OT details, most of which were education based, when the schools closed, so that will cost me probably around $1000/month, which was a very significant supplement to my income. I'm fortunate, though, because at least I don't have to worry about getting laid off, and we can afford to live on my base pay so we'll be ok (as long as I don't get quarantined and have to stay home). On the upside, I'll be home more while my kids are off school, so I'll get to spend more time with them.
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We bought a new house.

We may not be able to sell our old house.

Carrying two mortgages,
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Originally posted by doublesharp:
Hurts me.

Sell some of those moldy old guns you display all the time!

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