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A quart in 3k miles isn't exactly an oil burner. What size tire is on the vehicle. $600-$900 a set seems a bit high for the smaller sizes. I could have put a set of 265/70/16 tires on my truck for the low end of that range.
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No way I’d patch, plug or continue to run that tire.
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No way I'd put a plug in that and any reputable tire shop isn't gonna fix it.

I had good luck buying tires on craigslist or as someone said try a used tire shop.

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Sig forum verdict is in... nearly unanimous, to be honest kind of what I expected.

She's toast!

No TPMS... AND... I just happen to have a can of Fix-a-flat in the garage I bought for a chronic leaking grandkids bike tire and never used.... Fate? Maybe, maybe not, but close enough! Now if I can just FIND it...

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It's not in the sidewall. Check it for a foreign object (use needlenose, tire deflated). get a plug kit from walmart and run one in yourself. The tire is about shot anyway; you're not out anything if you plug it, if you intend to run it a bit longer.

Your tread looks well below 3mm...time to consider new tires. Or used ones, or anything.

Don't use fix-a-flat. Just plug it, and watch your inflation values on all tires.

A quart of oil every 3,000 miles isn't exactly sucking it down. Oil consumption by itself doesn't tell you a lot about engine health. If it's making power and running well, a quart between oil changes is nothing.
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Originally posted by remsig:
Originally posted by Shifferbrains:
Yeah that is too close to the sidewall to be safe. You don’t want a patch to be curved, there is too much of a chance of patch failure due to flex.

Now you can take your chances and plug it yourself. Because of liability issues, I doubt any reputable tire store will repair that.

I agree with shifferbrains. My ex had the same about 3-4 weeks ago and the tire place would not repair it.

Yup, most tire shops will say it is not repairable for liability reasons for them, but it can be patched. You just have to do the plug on your own, which is easy.

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Originally posted by bobtheelf:
A small shop that doesn't care about liability might. A larger shop won't.

Agreed, and the takeaway is you shouldn’t drive on it, let alone allow another to or sell the car like that. That would be nuts.

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Plug it.
Clip it.
Trade it in.

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Tire shop, no.

I'd fix it myself with a plug kit.

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"Thing is we are considering trading it off as the engine now uses about a quart of oil every 3k miles, has 200k on the clock and is 13 years old."

Some NEW cars use oil faster than that and it's considered within factory specs. As for miles and age, they don't mean as much as how it's been driven and maintained.

Is it reliable? Are you just sick of it? Do you have new car fever? I've driven 20 year old cars that I hated to get rid of. In fact, I'm driving one right now. A good set of tires will cost a lot less than another car, especially a new one.

My guess is that a shop would refuse to repair that tire based on tread wear alone.

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This tire wouldn't likely be a candidate because of the wear, but a tire in better condition can be salvaged with a radial tube. It's not common and they're not inexpensive; last time I bought one it was 40 or $50, plus installation, balancing, etc. Less than a new tire though...
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heck - you could have 4 new tires - cheapy Chinese ones $60 a piece - replaced for a couple hundred bucks.

would possibly help you sell the car : 'new tires' if you decide to go that route...


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Originally posted by cruiser68:
Talked to a Bridgestone engineer once when I had a similar leak but further into the center. He said he would have no problem running a patched tire so long as the interior patch does not roll up on the sidewall. In my case I was ok. Think yours is too close. Can you patch it....sure. Would I bet my life on it.....not so much.


That tire barely has any usable tread left anyway. If money is tight, I would look for a used tire to bridge the gap. Most discards are in better shape than that one.

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What size are the tires? If the used tire shops around you are anything like the used ones here, you can actually do better by buying cheap new ones than used.

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even without the pin hole the tire is shot. I wouldn't trade or sell a vehicle with a tire I knew was unsafe.
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Tire is history...get the best set you can afford. At the end of the day your car is only as safe as your worst tire.

I don't know how old or worn out your car is but 1 qt every 3K miles is not bad. I remember when you expected that out of a new car (yes I am old).

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To pile onto what everyone has been telling you, a tire shop most likely wouldn't patch the tire simply on the basis of the tread being too worn. Your puncture could be in the middle of the tire and they still wouldn't do it.

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Shops around here will not do the outer tread. New tire is in order.

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