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Over a million chainsaws have been recalled after they failed to turn off after being powered up, causing numerous injuries.

Harbor Freight Tools has received 15 complaints about its products malfunctioning, with three reports of lacerated injuries and one even needing stitches.

Chainsaw usage has been recommended to cease by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in a statement on Tuesday, CBS News reports.

Consumers should return the goods to the store and exchange the chainsaws for another.

New chainsaws will be available at Harbor Freight Tools on May 21.

Included in the recall are the Portland, One Stop Garden and the Chicago Electric.

Both the Portland and One Stop Garden both have 'Portland' printed on the blades and come in green and black.

The Chicago Electric features a red and black chainsaw with 'Chicago Electric' on the handle.

The defective items were sold at Harbor Freights stores and online May 2009 through February 2018 at a price of $50.
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Are they chinese made?
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Originally posted by Birdvol:
Are they chinese made?
Does the Pope wear a funny hat?
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I’ve bought a few things from Harbor Freight but nothing I needed to last more than a few uses and I’d damn sure never buy something like a chainsaw from there.

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I'll have to call and see about my electric pole saw I got there. I have limited use for it but when I've needed it, it's been surprisingly handy.


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Caveat emptor should have originated in China.

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Originally posted by Birdvol:
Are they chinese made?

I don't think they carry anything USA made. They're not called CHINA FREIGHT without good reason... Roll Eyes


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Originally posted by Pale Horse:
I’ve bought a few things from Harbor Freight but nothing I needed to last more than a few uses and I’d damn sure never buy something like a chainsaw from there.

Took the words right out of my mouth!

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I looked at the manufacturer's label on one and it said "Fin Ga Gon" made it. Distributed by "One Lop" in Hang Chow province.

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In case you've never been to a developing country...

Harbor Freight actually smells like many developing countries, including the industrializing portions of China.

The first time I went into a Harbor Freight, the smell immediately triggered memories of my visits to Vietnam and China.
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Only a complete moron would buy an electric chain saw from Harbor Freight for $50.

With weekend sales and my stash of coupons, I got mine for $34.95.

So far, so good.

Luckily, I have enough willpower to control the driving ambition that rages within me.

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Originally posted by Birdvol:
Are they chinese made?

What isn't Chinese made at HF?

Not only is it Chinese made, it seems to be the cheaper version of Chinese made.

I wouldn't use any of their power equipment.


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Three words that never belong together "Harbor Freight and Chainsaw"

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Too bad there isn't a core charge for all Chinese Crap Sold here in the US. Load all the defective junk on a ship and send it back to them - Our dumps have to be getting full.

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Originally posted by ChuckFinley:
Three words that never belong together "Harbor Freight and Chainsaw"

My first thought, upon seeing the thread title, wasn't far off: "Who in their right mind would think buying a chainsaw, of all things, at Harbor Freight would be a good idea?"

My two most dangerous tools: My chainsaws and my table saw. To my way of thinking "cheap" makes dangerous even more so.

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How do you get injured by a chainsaw because it doesn't turn off? Try to pull the chain off with your bare hands? Couldn't you just cut the power by either unplugging it (if electric) or pulling the cap off the spark plug (if gas powered)? Isn't some bare bones knowledge of how things work required when going from a handsaw to a chainsaw?
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Some Harbor Freight tools are quite good for the money. A friend has a $16 corded recip saw that he says he can't kill. I have some "Pittsburgh" branded half-inch extensions that I haven't been able to break yet. The "U.S. General" branded tool boxes look decent for the money, better made than Sears Craftsman. But much more of their stuff is crap.
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Rule #1, before using; Chain Saw-check.

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Never seen a Harbor Freight chainsaw. I’d guess it has an anti-kickback inertial brake like a Stihl or a Husky. If so, just slap that sucker forward and stop the chain, then figure out the best way to shut it off.

We’ve had good luck with their impact sockets, extensions, and grinders on the ranch. Any sort of fab job just eats the grinders up, whether you are talking about a four inch or a nine inch. The Chicago Electric (HF brand) seem to hold up about the same as a Makita, but are much cheaper and for an extra 10% you can get the insurance. Wear it out, kill it, take it back and they give you another one. About half the time you get a clerk who will sell you insurance on the replacement for 10%, then when it dies they replace it for free too. Wink

Harbor Freight is pretty good for some stuff. Other stuff, not so much. You will not catch me buying a chainsaw or any precision measuring instruments at a Harbor Freight. Smile
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I have had good luck with a lot of their stuff. And their new stuff is better than the old stuff.

I have a 4" angle grinder that is a workhorse, and I use their 1/2 inch impact rated sockets with a 24" breaker bar on rusted farm equipment, and haven't broken either the bar or the sockets yet. I'm really quite surprised at how good and tough some of their stuff has turned out to be.

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