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When I went to read this story, I was not expecting the ending. It how fights used to end when we were kids. Be sure and take a look at the picture in the article.

Two Louisiana lawmakers got into a fistfight at a Baton Rouge bar, evidently over a disputed bill in the Legislature, Greg Hilburn with the USA Today Network reports.

State Rep. Stuart Bishop, R-Lafayette, and Sen. Norby Chabert, R-Houma, were involved in a dispute on the House floor Tuesday (May 15) and squared off later that night at the River Room on Laurel Street. Bishop said Chabert "punched me several times" but he didn't throw any punches back.

Chabert said he "loved Stuart like a brother" and regretted the incident.

Police were called to the bar, but Bishop and Chabert had left by the time they arrived. No arrests were made.

On the House floor Wednesday morning, Bishop atoned for the dust-up to his colleagues.

"I truly apologize for doing anything that upset y'all or made y'all look bad," Bishop said.

"The next time it will just be dueling guns," he jokingly added.

On the House floor, Bishop's colleagues poked fun at his involvement in the fracas, placing police tape around his desk. Rep. Clay Schexnayder, R-Gonzales, removed the yellow barrier when TV news cameras showed up to record the faux crime scene.

In the Senate, Chabert struck a conciliatory tone with his fellow senators.

"There aren't many words you can find in a situation like this that can redeem you," Chabert said.

Gov. John Bel Edwards was asked about the fight during his weekly Louisiana Radio Network show. He described it as unfortunate and said "it doesn't necessarily reflect well" on state government.

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They were fighting over the bill!

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Razz They were fighting over whose town is more dilapidated!
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Physical negotiations...they are an important element of political persuasion. Too bad we can't use this tactic in DC.
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Nothing new.

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