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Political Cynic
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So if they’re all in favor of equal rights which they should be than can you explain to me the feminist movement Big Grin

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Corgis Rock
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There are a number of failed amendments. Several are still active and could, in theory, still be ratified. One example is the Slavery Amendment of 1861. This amendment prohibited Congress from making any law interfering with the domestic institutions of any State (slavery being specifically mentioned). While only two states ratified it, it’s still out there.

This illustrated the problem that placing a deadline on a proposed amendment solves. The ERA Was to have expired in 1979 but was extended to 1982. It failed ratification by the 1982 deadline. Meanwhile, several states voted to rescinded their votes to ratify.

For the ERA supporters, Their thinking is that any vote for ratification is permanent and cannot be rescinded. Further, as the ERA keeps being introduced in each Congress, it can still be ratified.

I recall during the debate on an extension the question was asked about states that voted to rescind. That it seemed like changing the rules of a game to give the losing team an advantage. The question was never answered. Only a “This is not a game Senator” retort.

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Originally posted by Icabod:

...That it seemed like changing the rules of a game to give the losing team an advantage...

Gee, that sounds like the Demokratic Party. They've been sore losers ever since 2000 when Bush beat Gore after the hanging chad mess.
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