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Because that's the difference between eccentric &

I'd have a shipping container fence around my place. With doors and acces panels at strategic locations.
Also, I'd pour a giant, concrete left foot near my property line. That way, hundreds of years from now, archaeologists would swoop down and start digging up my neighbor's place looking for the right foot & the rest of the gigantic statue that MUST be there somewhere..
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Not really from Vienna
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I'd have a bigger fleet of jalopies than I do now, and a mechanic to keep fixing on them.

I would live on enough land so that my neighbors' houses were barely noticeable.

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A moat. With a drawbridge. And dolphins in it for my wife (she likes those critters). I'd also like to learn to joust, so some horses and such. I think I'd do like the the Becthel family did and make a yuge, a beautiful Scout Reservation here in New England somewhere.

Oh, and a big Netherlands-style windmill. Those are neat too.

Clarior Hinc Honos

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Oh stewardess,
I speak jive.
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I'd have two Ospreys, with all of the necessary crew and parts, as a primary mode of transportation, with bikes and cars and toys inside of them, and ready to go at all times.

With at least several complete Sections (640acres each) of mountain property as my primary residence as a buffer zone from neighbors and the like.

And a moat. A YUGE moat around the perimeter.
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10mm is The
Boom of Doom
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A harem.

Lots of dogs. Mostly Ridgebacks.

A private army to do my bidding come the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Page late and a dollar short
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Ten acres, fenced in. House choice up to the wife. Now comes the kicker.

My hobby building. Think Greenfield Village. Not the village. But the concept. A Detroit Fire Station, one of the brick two story ones. Completely disassembled and reconstructed on the land.Renovated. Lower level the car storage area. Want a vintage Cadillac Ambulance and one fire truck. Not just any, a Seagrave Safety Sedan. Along with my two cars. And a pole, yep, a fire pole. I was with a department that had one. I had the experience of using it.

OK, back to reality now......

"Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others." -John Maxwell
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The Joy Maker
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I like the way you think, I've always wanted a conex castle.

I'd buy Soviet armor, paint it up in UN colors, and then park it out in the woods somewhere, wait for the conspiracy kooks to find it. After that gets old, and they find out they've been trolled, or don't because they're fucking kooks and ignore anything that doesn't line up with their kookery, I'll rent it out for movies and children's birthday parties.

Also, my Fallout-themed gay leather bar, the Rad Scorpion Caves.

Originally posted by Will938:
If you don't become a screen writer for comedy movies, then you're an asshole.
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Give it away to others who need help, I always ask in prayer for this. Way so much greater to give than receive 100X over, "already used up" kinda way.

Regards, Will G.
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I would ramp up my lifestyle a little, sock away enough money to never worry about money. Then help family, friends and strangers.
It would be so cool to step in to help someone that needs treatment they can't afford, or help with a house fire.

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A Falcon 900 and crew at my beck and call.

Making a smooth transition to senility for over 70 years
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My own tribe.
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Drill Here, Drill Now
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I'd buy a large tract of land and build a manmade lake with an island. My home and workshop/barn would be on the island. I would have a supertrap setup behind the barn/workshop on the edge of the island. On the "mainland" I would have a 1000m rifle range.

Edit for adders:
  • Any neighbor that complains about gun fire would have a several acre ragweed field planted upwind of them.
  • I'd have a gun vault so epic that it'd be memorable to even someone like a1abdj or striker who are in the business. Just spit ballin' here, but a 20'x30' gun vault under the mbr connected by a tunnel to the 20'x30' gun vault under the barn/workshop. Everything would be made from burled walnut.
  • I'd buy enough stock in FN that I could make the bastards manufacture the MK20 SSR for the commercial market as well as double the commercial production of the SCAR 16 & 17.

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    His diet consists of black
    coffee, and sarcasm.
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    Decorate my mansion in a cat motif (clocks, figurines, etc.) Example:

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    I would never wear a pair of socks more than once. Nothing better than a new pair of socks. Smile
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    Three Generations
    of Service
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    Nothing too original.

    Double-fenced compound, 10 or 20 acres. Rottweilers roaming the perimeter between the fences.

    Rifle range. Pistol range. Really nice shooting positions. Like an indoor range but outdoors.

    Whatever my wife desired in her "perfect house".

    A garage/shop/man-cave roughly 4 times as big as the house with ALL the amenities.

    Machine tools, at least a lathe and a milling machine. Rehabbed stuff from the 40's. South Bend, Bridgeport.

    Edit: Get my kids out of debt...ONCE! Explain to them (probably pointlessly) that this was their chance to start over with a clean slate but if they fuck it up again...toughski shitski.

    Be careful when following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.
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    well i have nice 26 acres,

    So a few tanks,
    Posts and beam mounted quad 50's mounted every 100 yds. All hard and wireles controled via a central video center.

    I dislike trespassers.
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    I would set up a 4 yr college scholarship fund for kids that shoot competitively.

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    The aircraft in trim
    Your time over target short
    Make it count
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    If I had the money, I would get myself a nice house, an armored Suburban( like the kind that the POTUS rides in), some evil, black rifles, a new set of Sigs in different calibers, and since I like cooking, a good kitchen with a professional stove and professional pots and pans.
    And,I would like to set up a trust fund or a charity to help people who are undergoing treatment for brain tumors and are dealing with long, chronic health issues. The trust fund/charity will help these patients with the costs of medical and associated care.

    If you think you can, YOU WILL!!!!!
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    I pretty much have everything I want. My kids are both highly skilled. Probably give it away.
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    I'd have Elon Musk build me a space station to live in, and I'd fly people I liked up and down for visits. Then I'd kick it on the Moon for awhile until he's ready for us to roll to Mars, then I'd be down with that too.

    Nothing too extravagant Wink
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