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I have a Panasonic that's about 20 years old and used daily.

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An over range micro-hood is a lot more likely to fail than a counter top one. The micro-hood that came with the house failed at about 12-ish years from new. I replaced it with just a regular range hood and got a countertop model.

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My countertop Sharps last forever. I replaced an 8 year old one 2 years ago.
I wont buy anything but Sharp.

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Just replaced the Panasonic purchased in 1989.....we got another Panasonic as they earned our repeat business.

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Buy a new one. The older ones were better made. My panasonic failed during the one year Warranty period. It was finally repaired at their expense. It took hours of my time, since the unit had to be shipped out of state and they refused initially to pay for the 80 dollar shipping. An email to the corporate office got me a refund of the shipping, and it now works. It would have been much easier to use the unit for target practice and purchase a new one.
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Wow, You guys are right on top of your microwave situations. We have two microwaves. They are several years old and they both still work. That is the extent of my knowledge about our microwaves. How old, which is newer, what brand they are? No clue. Guess I hang around on SIGforum too much to keep up my microwave log bookWink

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One of my sons is still using a big old circa 1982 Kenmore microwave that I "retired" a couple years ago for one easier for this retiree to keep clean (small Oster model).

They don't make 'em like the used to. Frown

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Ask and ye shall receive:

Top rated counter top models:

Now top rated Over-the-range models:

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Please don't make me think about getting a new microwave Wink. My Westinghouse-scanning wand variety is around 20 years old and I just recently had to replace the mica waveguide cover-man, when they arc they arc.

Ha, I remember replacing the magnetron in a used one in the early 90s.
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I've used a $59 GE countertop one daily since circa 2006 and it works fine. Given the cost of an Amana Radarange, it might be worth a look by an appliance tech. It might just be some kind of switch or power supply problem. If it's the magnetron (or whatever they call it), then you might as well scrap it.
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The ones at work I swear were made in the 80s, at least they look like it.
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I had a Sharp counter top Microwave 1000W that lasted 10 years during which time I had to replace the turn table gear - $30 M.O. from Sharp.

Finally the key pad went Kaput and I was told by Sharp, no parts available.

Bought a new Sharp microwave. IMO, junk when compared to the old one.

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How long do microwave ovens last?

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Sharp from 1994, just had to replace the large capacitor for the magnetron, $15 part.

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Christmas, 1976 we all pitched in to get Momma a microwave. A Litton. It's still going, had only one minor part replaced perhaps 15 years ago.
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Our 1982 Kenmore microwave is still working.

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Bookmarking for future reference as the door open button on our 3 year old Frigidaire recently broke. Getting by with using a pencil to press the door open mechanism but it’s getting old.

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They usually break as soon as you run out of funds.
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My brother has one in his office that I believe he bought in the very early 80's. Maybe even before then...

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About 4-5 years in our house. Oh, the microwave usually still works, but my wife, who is vertically challenged, seems to pull both out and down to open the microwave. After 4-5 years I reach a break-even decision between putting another handle on the microwave, or just getting a new one.
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