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OK, looking for hive mind input here.

I just bought a domain for a business I'm starting - real estate rentals. It's small, one property to start, building on that.

I'm looking for a cost-effective website host. No real sophistication, actually at first, I just want a "landing" page saying who I am, with no real links to anywhere else.

Also looking for a website builder, something I can customize templates basically. Again, nothing sophisticated.

Thoughts? I bought my domain through GoDaddy if relevant.

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If you'd like, reach out to me with your business requirements. Goals, needed features on the site. Email is in my profile.

All of the sites I implement and manage are WordPress. I use high quality themes and generally can meet the business requirements you might need. I offer hosting services as well.

I've also implemented sites tied into other third party applications. In other words, no need to reinvent the wheel if other sites offer proven solutions. (Example: No need to build a hotel booking system as they already exist.)


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Needs a check up
from the neck up
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Steve has hosted my site for about 3 Year’s now. Very satisfied

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