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What a pussy this guy is. He had to spend 96 nights in a suite at a resort hotel while making millions. The poor baby.

I was in boot camp almost that many nights. And we’ve got servicemembers that spend a year or more in a war zone. This weak excuse can’t make it three months.

The NBA has not been immune to the nationwide rise in COVID-19 cases. Over the past week, five games have been postponed and far more players have been forced to miss games either with positive tests or due to the league's contact tracing efforts. The league, to this point, has proven unwilling to pause the season to either wait for a vaccine or simply come up with safer ways to play basketball.

The league did manage to find a safe way to complete the 2019-20 season in the shadow of the pandemic thanks to its Orlando bubble. No players caught the virus at Disney, and once the season picked back up, the playoffs were completed without any virus-related delays. Some have argued that if the NBA is truly committed to playing out this season, it should consider going back into a bubble in order to ensure the safety of its players.

But those players aren't exactly interested in the idea of another bubble. Reports have widely claimed that players viewed another bubble as a non-starter, and LeBron James confirmed that notion. When a reporter asked him how he'd feel about going back into a bubble, he cited PTSD from his first experience as a reason why he wouldn't want to go back and do it again.

"Well the bubble was a success, obviously, from a performance standpoint as far as our league getting back on," James said. "I haven't thought about the bubble much after I left. You continue to give me PTSD every time you ask me about the bubble. I started shaking thinking about 96 straight nights in that place."

This sentiment has been common among players from almost every team that played in Orlando for a multitude of reasons. Nobody wants to be separated from their friends and family for an extended period of time, nor do they want to be away from their homes. Boredom was a commonly cited issue as well, and socially conscious players were limited in how much they could support causes that were important to them from inside of the bubble.

There have been no reports indicating that the NBA would seriously consider another bubble no matter how much COVID-19 interrupts play. Now, we likely know why. Even if the NBA wanted to pursue the idea, the players would never buy into that idea. Before the bubble was even formed, Clippers guard Patrick Beverleyfamously said that "if LeBron James said he hooping, we all hooping." Well, if LeBron says no to a bubble, everyone else is saying no as well.

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Gee... no one to fluff his pillow. What an ass!

I deeply resent and condemn this Marxist POS adopting the term PTSD that has so afflicted patriotic warfighters and first responders as a lament for his oh so sad bubble stay. FUCK HIM!.

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Might backfire on him when everyone starts calling him "Bubble Boy." Or is that racist?
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What. A. Joke! Roll Eyes


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Soy boy fucking pussy.
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I washed my hands of the NFL, MLB and the NBA awhile back. Way too many people I can't stand. These sports at one time had many great role models. Now they are few and far between.
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I quit watching that sport after Sprewell said "I have a family feed" after turning down a multiple million dollar contract.
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How does he handle running out of Grey Popoun mustard?
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The guy went into the NBA out of high school and he wasn't interested in academics. He has about an 8th grade education ... and he can dribble.
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This is the stupidity that ensues when a clinical term enters the mainstream vocabulary. If he thinks he has PTSD he should see a psychologist for evaluation and treatment.

It is particularly sad because it diminshes the anguish that many military combat veterans experience.
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What a pussy this guy is.

Well summed up.

This is what happens when one is surrounded by ass-kissers - there's no one around to tell them once in a while that yes, their shit does stink.
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Inside that big body is a scared, shaking 97 lb weakling.

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If Cartman were were a member here:

"Don't mind LeBron everyone. He's just got a little sand in his vagina."

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I never could stand this prima donna and now I dislike him even more. Screw him and every other pro athlete that thinks they are God's gift to the world and are experts on everything.
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Wow! Good thing he didn't spend 96 nights in Fallujah, Hue City, or Normandy. GTFO you dribbling asshole!

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I’ve been isolated for almost 6 years. 96 days? Pffft.
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To be fair, I wouldn't want to spend 96-days with a bunch of assholes that have been been put on a pedestal their whole lives and are emotionally stuck many years younger than their actual age.

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I could really care less for most of these Jack Wads.

Here is my idea. Tell them that since they are so traumatized that they should go ahead and take this season off, relax and recoup..............Without pay. We would we would see them all miraculously healed like a old southern tent revival ! Eek
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Someone should red-flag him before he hurts himself. Poor dear.

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Both our society & culture is flawed by how athletes are lionized and held in high virtue. Many parents serve athletes up as role models when in fact they are setting there children up for disillusionment and failure by doing so.

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