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I did not want to post this in "What's Your Deal" because I am not pissed off. Just the opposite.

I arrived home to find a number of packages from different delivery services and a note from UPS.

UPS tried to deliver two packages my wife ordered, packages that required a signature "In Person".

I called my wife, who was disappointed because she was told the packages would be delivered Wednesday, for which she arranged for time off from work.

Shortly before my wife got home, I see the UPS truck pull up outside. I go out and meet our UPS Driver, not the usual driver.

He said, I figured these may important, so I thought I would try to deliver them again before leaving your community.

WOW, did this really just happen?

Thank you UPS and the unknown driver who went out of his way to deliver the packages.

Niech Zyje P-220

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That’s great. My UPS guy is awesome too. He always hides my packages behind the bushes if it’s not raining. If it is raining he puts them in a corner on the porch. I got him a Home Depot gift card last year for Christmas. Already have him one for Texas Roadhouse this year.
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Ahh..those UPS guys again. Yah seen one, you've seen 'em all.. Big Grin. I couldn't resist P220. Aside from the fact P220 is a excellent man and human, I think he was a UPS guy. Probably one of the best they ever had. Merry Christmas P220..hohoho.
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UPS delivers early??? Never heard of such a thing.

Around here they are last minute or even late.


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We have similar experiences with our UPS guy out here in the country. Plus they always have dog biscuits for Rylee-she loves the brown truck!

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Good for posting what you did.

In my neck of rural Va., all the delivery carriers, including our mailperson,are excellent.

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Thanks for posting this P-220. It seems that all we hear is negative comments regarding USPS and UPS delivery personnel. I've had far more positive interactions than negative with either of them.



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I operated a business and used UPs as my main in and outbound shipments. I was on the very west end of the delivery area and my driver delivered to a rural area.
I gave him a key so he could deliver if I was not in, kept a jug of cold water in my frig for his use, had an rain coat and a cart he could use as he needed and many times he would stop and use my restroom and warm up his lunch and eat at my shipping table.
The driver is the face of what ever service you use and he was exemplary in his service.
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It's like anything else. Some folks are just there to punch the clock and take their paycheck, and some folks like to DO THEIR JOB! They're very easy to tell apart, and I'm glad you met another person who likes to do their job. Smile
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