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I only drink coffee or at the most, Mountain Dew for energy if I need caffeine but I won't do those 5 hour energy drinks or others. I have seen a few people have cardiac issues while consuming them. I get a little extra boost with my morning coffee and I am used to starting my day with it.
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unsweetened ice tea

What kind of Yankee business is that?

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Nope. I can drink a large cup of coffee then go right to sleep. I like it for the taste.
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If I don’t drink it I have a killer headache. We were visiting a relative for three days. On the second day my wife and I had killer headaches. On the third day still with killer headaches we were having breakfast before leaving our relatives house for the drive back home. Relative asked how we liked the coffee they just changed brands as she showed us the word that stood out to both of us on the package was DECAF. We said our good byes and drove straight to a convenience store for a large coffee for both of us.

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I can only drink a few cups. Helps me move along digestion and open my eyes. Too much - like an energy drink - and my heart races and I feel like crap. So I drink coffee only and in moderation - I avoid anything else with caffeine

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Caffeine has never effected me.
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Only in its absence each morning. Try to avoid that!

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Originally posted by Skins2881:
I drink redbull during summer and coffee during the winter. ...
Doesn't wake me up or make me energized.

We use energy shots like 5 Hr. when driving / road trips etc. It helps and the concentrated dose doesn't add to bathroom stops like drinking full sized drinks like a cup of coffee or a full size energy drink.

A reg (original) Red Bull is only 80 Mg. of caffeine. I've seen guys slam 3 red bulls in a row at work! So try something stronger. For example a 5 Hr Energy extra strength has almost 3 times the caffeine as a Red Bull.

List of drinks by caffeine content. You can sort the list by clicking on the header columns.


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I can drink a cup of coffee late at night and still go to bed and sleep OK.

I always take a long time to fall asleep which is probably why that is, my wife is out like a light when her head hits the pillow.

I will get a headache if I go for a day or two without coffee, so I don't do that!

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You're desensitized.

I remember having to drink coffee to stay up for school work while working.

By four o'clock, I was still falling asleep. Then driving in the morning, my eyebrow will tic by itself.

When it gets to that point, I dry out for a couple of weeks then I get affected again.

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Makes me have to pee more.
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I love coffee. I just like having the hot drink. It's comforting. I don't drink it for a caffeine boost.

One time I stopped at the all-night donut shop after getting off work at 10:30 pm to get a cup of coffee. The counter guy said, "Working the night shift?" I said I just got off. "Late night studying?" he asked. I told him I was going to drink that large cup of coffee and be fast asleep 4 minutes after my head hits the pillow.

A few years ago, I stopped drinking coffee just to prove I wasn't addicted to caffeine. As I suspected, I didn't feel any withdrawal effects. But, after about 3 weeks, I drank a cup of coffee, and then I immediately had to go to the bathroom. Then I felt really anxious, as if I had to study for a test, only there was no test to study for. I thought, "F--- this! That sucks! It's time to build my tolerance up again!"
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My Mom and Dad both drank a cup of coffee every morning to get the day started... and they both drank a cup preparing for bed at night.

That always seemed funny to me.

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I was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I like my coffee very strong with an oil slick on top.

I order a Venti Bold with two or three add shots of espresso at Starbucks. My favorite is the nine-shot espresso at Dutch Brothers. I can drink coffee and go to bed and go to sleep.

My wife is very sensitive to caffeine. If she has a weak cup of tea around noon, she can't sleep at night.

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One large cup of "JOE" for me in the morning gets the motor going.

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Yes, if I drink too much, it makes me feel depressed.

We're talking 8 cups a day.

Interestingly, the depression is about nothing in particular.

Anyhow, it's an interesting dynamic.

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I drink so much caffeine regulary, if I were to stop now, the cumulative shock would probably kill me.

That being said. I don't get the rush, as my tolerance is too high. If I drink a 240mg Caffeine Rockstar, then I'll start to feel it. However that could be due to a placebo effect.
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As others have noted, it's the absence of caffeine that gives me problems.

Extra Bold, brewed strong. Two (and lately, three) cups in the morning, usually a couple more mid-to-late afternoon.

Headache if I try to go cold turkey.

I try not to drink it after about 4pm. It ain't that the caffeine keeps me awake, it's getting up every hour on the hour... Frown

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I’m like you, caffeine does nothing for me at all. I just had a cup of bold coffee and I could doze off right now. I have found that most prescription drugs are similar, they dont have the same effect on me as they do other people. If im getting a pain killer shot it will require more than is normal for other people to deaden the nerves.
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Quite sensitive. I once accidentally made my morning coffee with my wife's instead of my decaf and about hit the ceiling. The good part is I can dose myself with it during 25 hour drives averaging 65 MPH, or during 62 hour canoe races.
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