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I Am The Walrus
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Not much, it's all recent.

Sister-US Army for 5-6 years, 1x OIF and 2x OEF
Me-US Army 11 years and counting, 2x OEF

I really hope my daughter does not join the military.


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Me USAF 1977-1981 peacetime.
My father. USN don’t know the time frame however.

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us army aviation, vietnam.
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Paternal grandfather came from Germany, Prussia, or Poland. I have his draft cards for WWI and WWII, but he didn't serve as far as I know.

Father was in Army Air Corp in WWII, worked on B-17 radar in England.

Mother was a WAC for a short time in WWII until she got out to care for her mother. She developed or processed recon negatives/photographs.

Mother's brother was in the Army Horse Calvary in WWII.

I did 4 years shore duty in the Coast Guard from 75-79, then worked for them as a civilian for 11 more years.
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My dad’s father entered service in 1938 I believe, in the Army. He didn’t talk much about it. Had scarlet fever which later resulted in a bad heart valve that led to his premature death at 67. My dad served in Germany in the AF from 64-67 in a decommissioned missile silo doing early warning communications under the cover of he describes it. My second cousin (my Mom’s cousin) has three purple hearts from service as a Marine in Vietnam. He is alive and active in police and civilian training. My much-yonger sister served in the Peace Corps more recently. I was out of HS just before the start of the Gulf War. I did not serve.
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US Army Medical Corps, 1968-1970, first twelve months spent in Korea. With the exception of my paternal great-grandfather, who is rumored to have been a yankee, I am the first in my family to have served in the military.
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Father: Korean War Vet '51 - '53, US Army Chemical Corps
Uncle: USN '56 - '60
Oldest Brother: USN '85-'89
Father-In-Law: USAF Pararescue, 2-tour Vietnam Vet
Best Friend: Naval Academy Grad, 20-Year USN Pilot, Test Pilot School Graduate (Patuxent River), Squadron Commander, Air Boss... retired from the military 7 years now.
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I was enlIsted USMC. My dad, grandfather and an uncle were USMC, and another uncle was USA.

A great great great great great(I don’t remember just how many generations back) grandfather was a surgeon in the civil war. He became a respected doctor afterwards. We also had some in the military during the Revolutionary War, but on my mother’s side.

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United States Army. 1981-1985.
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Grandfather on my mom's side served in the 4th ID during WW I. Dad volunteered for the US Coast Guard in 1944, but never left the country and was mustered out in 1946, but stayed in the reserves for nearly 10 years. He was a LORAN operator and taught morse code. My uncle was Coast Guard from about 1948 to '52 or so and served on the buoy tender Jonquil. I was peacetime US Army, 3ID in Germany from '92 to '95. I'm probably last of the line at an honest day's toil, as none of my children served.

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Grandfather- Army, served in WW1 towards the end of the war and didn't make it overseas. He was in the reserves in between wars, activated before WW2, Louisiana Maneuvers, North Africa and Europe then in NYC for the last year or so. Awarded Legion of Merit, non-combat award for North Africa service.

Father-in WW2 Army, Pacific. In service '43 to early '46. Arrived in combat in spring of '44-New Guinea, Leyte & Luzon, Philippines, went to Japan for a few months after the surrender then discharged in early '46. Never officially wounded but had bouts of malaria and severe foot damage due to jungle rot and other conditions. Terrible enemy and worse conditions.

Me, I'm a slacker. Was about 3 days from being drafted in January '73 (luck #3 in the lottery) when they announced the end of the war and draft.
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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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My dad was born in Monterey, Mexico and crossed the border when he was seven. From there, the rest of my aunts and uncles were born in the US.

My mom was born in TX and her father, AFAIK, was a Mexican immigrant who died in a farming accident when she was six so my US heritage is relatively recent.

My uncle on my father's side served a couple of tours in Vietnam, from what I understand, in the US Army.

My uncle on my mother's side was a seabee during the Vietnam years, but I don't know of his experiences since he lived in Michigan and I grew up in California.

I served from 1991 to 2001 in the US Marines.

My daughter served in The US Marines from 2015 to 2019.


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Great-grandfather - French Army, emigrated to US post-Franco-Prussian War

Paternal Grandfather - Army, served as a motorcycle messenger during WW I

Dad - Army, Korean War-era veteran, stationed at the Presidio and spent a lot of time in Alaska surveying.

Father-in-Law - Navy, served on a LST during Pacific Campaign in WW II. Had some PTSD relating to evacuating wounded marines off Iwo Jima.

Uncle - Navy, served 1943 - 1978, four commands at sea, Commander Task Force 115 in Vietnam, retired RADM. former chairman of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Me - USNA 85', served on USS IOWA. Resigned active commission in 1991, reserves through 1993

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Lots of uncles and cousins who have served, but my direct paternal lineage is:

Great Great Grandfather: 22nd Virginia Cavalry 1862-1864

Great Grandfather: ?

Grandfather: United States Navy 1917-1918

Father: United States Navy 1954-1957

me: United States Marine Corps 1986-1994

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Lots of great uncles who served during WWII.

My Dad, of blessed memory, was Naval Academy Class of 1964. Light attack/carrier pilot, but did not fly combat in Viet Nam, not assigned and with 3 small children, did not transfer and volunteer. Retired Commander.

My FIL, West Point class of 1957. Corps of Engineers. Served two non-combat tours in Vietnam. Retired Colonel.

BIL West Point Class of 1980, he retired out of the Reserves as a Lt. Col. (Corps of Engineers).

SIL, Naval Academy Class of 1982. She retired as a Commander (Naval Intelligence).

I served in the Virginia and then the Maryland Army National Guard in the Field Artillery. Resigned commission in 1995 as a 1LT.
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On the DL
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Originally posted by C L Wilkins:

My grandmother's brother was in the merchants. Interesting fellow. This is one of his logs...

A 1943 Log kept by Capt. H. Lee Perkins
(Uncle Homer was 40 years old at this time.)

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great great grandfather (maternal) Civil War, captured and sent to Andersonville (survived)

3 great uncles in World War 1 (paternal), one was stateside only, one in the Navy on the USS Utah and 1 lost his leg at Chateau-Thierry (Artilleryman)

1 great uncle in WW2, Marines, wounded on Iwo Jima

My father during the Korean War was Army Chemical Smoke Battalion was stationed in England at RAF Sculthorpe.

I never served. Draft number 346 during Vietnam War.


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Batty 67,
Was your HQ in Pikesville?


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My mothers side of the family goes back to the early 1600's in North America. I have family who served in Washington's Army, on both sides of the civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. My dad's side came here in 1904. The only service on that side of the family is my uncle, who was a post WWII merchant seaman who later joined the Marines and served in Korea. My service was during the cold war into Gulf War I, then later during the GWOT time period. I have active duty in a time of war, but no deployment time.
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I have to divide this into two groups.

Mother’s side:

War of Northern Aggression: 4 that I know of: Great-Great-Great Grandmother: four brothers, one wounded during skirmish on family homestead, one captured and impressed into Union Army.

WWI: grandfather (Cajun): Army, infantry, serial number 40k, original unit later unified into 1st Inf. Div., mustard gassed and wounded in Meuse–Argonne Offensive, died 1958 from lung cancer.

Pancho Villa Expedition lead by General John J. Pershing: 1 grand uncle.

WWII: grandfather’s younger brother, Army, infantry, killed in Pacific.

Korea: 1 uncle, USMC, with Chesty Puller at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, Distinguished Rifleman Badge, retired as Master Gunnery Sergeant.

Father’s side: direct descendants from published family history: 1635, two brothers came from England. Note: Everyone in the US bearing our family name descended from the younger brother (except for the plantation slaves who took the family name Smile ).

1689: Royal Navy-Pirate-Royal Navy: 1 (military pedigree?)

French and Indian Wars: 1

War for Independence: 4+

War of 1812: 1

Mexican War: 1

War of Northern Aggression: 10+

Civil War: 2+

Spanish American War: 1

WWI: 1, grandfather, Army, infantry

WWII: 1, father, Army, infantry, received commission at Ft. Benning five days after his 18th birthday: had anti-tank gun platoon during the Battle of the Bulge, after VE on ship headed for Japan when VJ day was declared, turned into Norfolk, VA and became first ship returning from Europe, my mother joined him at Ft. Campbell, KY and I became one of the first 500 Baby Boomers!

Viet Nam: 1, I enlisted Army, in July 1968, field artillery, Central Highlands, 1969.

Hopefully I am the last.


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