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I have one relative on my Mothers side who was a Minuteman and fought in all the big engagements during the American Revolution.
GGF - Union Army, Civil War. Several others too.
Father - WWII. Third Army.
Me - USAF 1974-1978. Which makes me a Vietnam Vet.
Even thought I never went there!
I think a lot of people these days fail to realize we are a warrior nation and have been since we kicked out the Brits.
I am still researching my lineage. I want to see if I had family in the War of 1812, the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection.
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ME - 1lt Army 1967-1969
Father - Sgt B29 Crew WWII
Aunt - Wave WWII
Uncle - Army Germany 1950-1952
Cousin - Army - Truck Driver WWII Part of D-Day
Direct Grandfather Ancestors I know of:
Capt Union Army of TN
Pvt Confederate Army of NC
Pvt Confederate Army of NC
Colonel Quartermaster Revolutionary War
Brother-in-Law of Colonel above, died at Boonesboro during an Indian attack.

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One great-grandfather served in WWI. One grandfather and three great-uncles served in WWII (all in Europe). Two great-uncles served in Korea. My father and one uncle (father's younger brother) served in Vietnam. I served in the Coast Guard. My son is currently a Coast Guard reservist.

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Father WWII U.S.N North Africa & Okinawa
ME U.S. Army Security Agency 69-72 Field Station Berlin
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U.S. Army 1987-1997.
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WW2, two uncles.

One had a PhD in Russian Lit, was fluent in several European languages, was OSS in Europe during the war. After the war he was in the language department at West Point, retired as a Colonel.

Other uncle was Army, Pacific. Spent time as Japanese POW. He was a big man, over 6', weighed 87 pounds when liberated, spent time in Australia recovering health.

I was US Navy, 1956 - 1960, missile geek, then USNR 1960 - 1962.

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Just good old fashion mongrel swamp fox DNA! Smile

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Unfortunately too little...

Dad - USAF, '51-'55 (I think). Served in Korea, but didn't really serve "in country".

MANY extended cousins (mother's cousins) in WWII.

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Me ‘60 -‘65 Army 931.6 Laboratory

Father. US Army WW II, Combat Engineers Captain
Korea, 1951 killed in action
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Mother’s side of the family had a soldier die in the Battle of Olustee , during the Civil war.
Grandfather fought in WWII, so did his wife both USN
Dad- USCG 66-70
Me- USCG 88-11

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I have had two separate DNA tests and traced my ancestry back to the 1200s in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Western Europe.

One ancestor signed the Magna Carta. My ancestors fought and died in the many European wars.

Several ancestors were in the British Army stationed in the colonies from the early 1600s. One ancestor was a General under George Washington in the Revolutionary War.

One ancestor was a Colonel who was wounded at the battle of Tippecanoe. Several fought in the War of 1812.

Several of my ancestors fought on both sides in the Civil War.

My ancestors and relatives fought in WWI, WWII, and Korea.

I was in the Navy and served tours in Viet Nam. I retired from the Army as a Warrant Officer. It is a family tradition.

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My mom's 2 brothers were in WWII. one in the Navy who made it home safely. The other was aa Army tailgunner and was shot down and presumed KIA over what was then Burma.

My dad couldn't get in because of a medical condition at the time.

My dad's brother was a Marine during the late '50's and early '60's.

I was in the Air Force from '67 to '71 as an aircraft mechanic. Stationed in 2 different countries in South East Asia but worked in 3 different countries while there.
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My Dad (an only child) was married with 2 kids and a defense job in WWII, so exempt. I don't have any information on my Mother's side.

4 of my 5 brothers served, oldest two were Army, next two were Air Force. I was career Navy. Younger brother was post-draft and all stove up from a motorcycle accident anyway.

Son was Army, Airborne and Ranger qualified.

Grandson is a medically retired Marine, 6 years active service before being retired.

None of the above combat related.

Wife's Great Uncle was Army, WW I, died in the 1918 Influenza Epidemic.

Her father was career Coast Guard WWII through Viet Nam, retired as a WO4.

No direct combat there either as far as I know.

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US Army 82nd Med Detachment Ft Riley, KS. Crew Chief UH 1H 1980-82
My father was in 32 years and a Command Sergent Major in Armor God rest his soul

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I have Ancestors that were patriots in the revolution, then war of 1812. not sure about Mexican American war, then have family served in both sides of civil war; then ww1, grandfathers were in ww2, My dad, uncle and FIL were VN draftees. Myself and brother and cousins my generation, none served. Nothing but respect for all those that did serve
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Father - Air Force during Korean War
Me - 26 years active duty Navy 1986 - 2012
Son - 4 years active duty Navy 2012 - 2016

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Mutt here. No immediate relatives served. Father was a minister (what is it they say about preachers' sons?) during Vietnam.

Me? U.S. Army Infantry, 11B10. 1st AD in W. Germany, all peacetime. I killed Grafenwoehr, and Grafenwoehr killed me back with MILES equipt.


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Grand parents came here from the "Old Country" in the 1920's. None served in WWII.

My Father served in WWII, was part of an Anti Tank gun crew. Got wounded in Italy but came home in one piece.

His brother was in B29 repair during WWII and Korea. Served over 20 years in Airforce, suffered a minor heart attack and was retired as a WO4.

6 years in Army for me. 1957-63. 1958-59 in post war Korea. I still hold a high opinion for those people.

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My dad was 4F due to bad ears, but his brother was Army in Korea.

Another uncle (by marriage) was a Marine in Vietnam.

Me? Montana Guard and active duty CONUS as a 91A (medic...before they changed everything around).


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Dad's side: going back to the American Revolution; Great (several times) Grand Dad served with the Swamp Fox- Marion Fox (funny thing Grandad needed a sword or big knife-he found a British Officer sword broken in half, ground front down to be a large knife or short sword....which may have had an effect on one of his sons Wink . One of his sons, served with Republic of Texas and was one of the Big Three at the Alamo (hint, had a big ass knife Big Grin ). Surviving brothers' families fought on both sides during Civil War (our line fought on North)Different family members served in Army until my Dad went into Navy during Korean War-he did time in what we call in shore boat units and river patrol (out of all the war movies, Apocalypse Now affected him the most, brought up some good and bad memories). Dad then served full time in Air Force and finally Air National Guard, left as a SMSgt.

Mom's side: Her first relative in USA, he left Ireland as an O'Cafferty and arrived in USA as a Riley. His son (only survivor from food poisoning that killed rest of his family enlisted in Union Army, 5th Illinois, and served through the whole war, leaving as a Major. Her family members were both Army and Marines (several died during Panama Canal building and in South American countries) During WWII everyone was too old and in too valuable civilian jobs (mostly train and railroad jobs) to serve. A couple served in Korea and Vietnam.

Me: started in Army National Guard as a Combat MP at 18. At 22 years old, I went full time in the Air Force as Security Police Law Enforcement Specialist (K9, Emergency Services Team, Investigator, Desk Sergeant, and Supervisor). I got RIFed (Reduction In Force 2nd or 3rd phase of Gramm-Rudman Bill, lots of cutting budgets and manpower in military at that time. It was either re-enlist or get out and you have 20 minutes to think it over) out right after testing, passing, and getting a line number for TSgt and I also just finished my Bachelor's Degree. I went from a great base with great leaders above me to a not so great base with very BAD leaders above me which made me decide not to re-enlist. At this point in my life, I kind of regret getting out. I don't regret any of military time or experiences.
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