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Originally posted by Cliff:
Originally posted by rangemaster:
Try the roasted red pepper flavor. With wheat thins.

Yep. Damn good shit washed down with cold beer.

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I’ll try several versions of Sabra next time I hit the store. Maybe I’ll buy some extras to hand out to my kids.

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Our whole family of 4 loves their hummus and we are due for a grocery run this weekend. Will be picking some more up even though we still have some in the fridge.


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That is the brand of hummus I buy and will continue to buy.

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Love the pine nuts the best, but all are pretty good, I think I have 2 versions in the frig now...but I have to get more pine nut.


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I am pleased to purchase some just to be politically correct.

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Enjoy it nearly every day. Made here in Richmond.

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When I was in college I was more concerned with getting hummers than hummus but Sabra makes good stuff Big Grin
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Bought some more this morning...Roasted know what's really yummy...take a piece of Tillamook Cheddar & strip of bacon, dip it in the Garlic Hummus and chase it with a bite of pickled yellow pepper!!! You're Welcome Wink

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Again, I usually make my own. And if I buy, I usually just get traditional style.

Given that I was going to buy multiples, I decided to walk on the wild side and sample different flavors. I like them all and do like the roasted pepper one. Got some tang. I do add some additional EVOO to it but I've had quite a bunch of Sabra hummus recently Smile

I'll buy some more next time I go to the market.

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I'm a fan of the pine nuts and red pepper. Will go pick some up next trip.

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Had it for lunch today, the Roasted Garlic, on Israeli Matzoh crackers. Pine Nut flavor is on the list.

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Delicious. Pissing off the Trollestinians makes it better.

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I buy a big tub of Sabra and add a bit of Goya Chipotle... absolute narcotic.

Another interesting thing I found out about hummus, if you wisk a small bit into salad dressing before adding to greens, it makes for an amazing, creamy and interesting mix of spices.

Big Sabra fan.
Also make my own too.

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