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How do you know when you've really screwed up? One way would be if your booking photo looks like this. Login/Join 
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Strapped into a restraining chair and an officer's forearm appears in the photo, obviously holding your screaming head up for the pic.

Kansas councilwoman bites corrections officer's thumb hard enough to break it during fight

Crazy bitch. In the comments section, someone says she was elected to office with only two votes. Not by two votes- with two votes.
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Looks like Roseanne and that face reveals just how crazy she is.
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"Medication time"

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Stuck on
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Reminds me of the head from Total Recall.
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How would you like to look at that across your Wheaties every morning?
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I can't even begin to understand people like her. The officers show up with a warrant, you just go peacefully, nothing you say or do is going to keep them from taking you in so just comply and fight it in court. Be nice and they will probably take it easy on you. So utterly stupid.

Being elected to city council is a big honor in her town:
She scored a seat on the council after winning two votes in a November 2017 election, according to the Atchison Globe. Huron has an estimated population of 73, according to the U.S. Census.

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“Toto—-we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

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Reminds me of the head from Total Recall.

I opened this, saw the picture and all I heard in my head was “Get ready for a surprise”. Smile

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Is it possible she was seated on a brat?


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Unfortunately, I bet she's wild in the sack. Frown

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Originally posted by 12131:
Reminds me of the head from Total Recall.



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From the linked article:

According to the county’s website, Fowler was still listed as a council member at the time of this report.

Fowler is facing three felony charges for the June 29 and July 2 incidents, including battery on a law enforcement officer.

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She's batshit crazy trash.

Elected by a township of 75 folks, with only two votes.

She's a "frequent flyer".

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I'm betting she is seriously mentally ill.

Likely a Napoleon complex,

Nice is overrated

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She's got the crazy eyes, among other things.

Yeah, well sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
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Most people probably don’t know what local politics are like in small rural communities. The town were I live has far more than 75 people, but just attracting candidates for city council positions is difficult, much less finding anyone who brings anything other than a willingness to sit in the position. Pay is low and the harassment level from those who don’t want to run themselves is often high. Candidates frequently run unopposed, and voter turnout is extremely low. If no one else was on the ballot, her two votes might have consisted of her own and a friend’s (or someone who had never heard of her).

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Yeah, the mug shot looks like that, you've fucked up pretty bad. I'm sure her family is very proud.
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Poster child for bat-shit crazy.

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Could easily be Trump Derangement Syndrome - Stage 4.

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