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Walmart's online ordering and free ship-to-store to go pickup used to be a mess with you forced to go to the back of the store and flag someone down and wait...and wait...and wait then wait some more for someone to find your order and bring it out to you. Half the time the people you were dealing with had no clue about what they were doing.

They must be looking at Amazon and other competitors because the process is completely revamped and very pleasant now.

You order your item online, choose free ship-to-store option and in a day or two you get a text that it's there ready to be picked up. They send you a QR code in an email, you walk up to a large kiosk at the front of the store and scan it, and within a minute or two there is a Walmart employee there with your item. They even have comfy chairs to sit in to wait, but I've not had a chance to use them yet as they bring my order out quickly and I'm on my way.

I like the free ship-to-store because we have a Walmart 5 minutes away.

Walmart catches a lot of shit here and other places, but this is one area they've really upped their game in!

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More and more of their products are available cheaper than amazon.

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Competition and the free market help us all.

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Good to know they've upped their game. Thanks.

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Although I'm not Walmart's biggest fan, at least they support their local economies.

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I shop Walmart online a LOT for my normal consumables.

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They’ve been working like hell to keep up with Amazon. Overall they’re starting to get it right.
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The only downside is you still have to go to Walmart!
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I've ordered more then a few things from Walmart shipped directly to the house. Shows up when it's supposed to, no fuss at all. So far.

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I may try again but, every time I tried to use their online buy or locate items in stock it has been a complete shit show.

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We live close to a Walmart but I haven't tried their free shipping to store service. After reading this thread I may give them a try. It would be nice to have them as an option to Amazon.



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The Wal-Mart nearest me just blocked off 20 spots for curbside delivery. Pull in to your spot, call the number, and they bring it out to your car.

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Been using them for a couple months now with free ship to home. A couple times there have been options for a slightly longer delivery time tied to further discounts. And yes the prices in many cases are cheaper than Amazon. Only nit I've had is the lousy tape on boxes with canned goods inside that came loose. Nothing lost or damaged though but it was close.

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I have used the Walmart ship -to-house a couple of times with no problems. Recently i used the Google Express ship-to-home FREE with a discount coupon up to $20 off. It arrived in 2 days. I am impressed!!! Got to love competition!
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Good to know. Never really patronized Wally’s but am becoming increasingly disenchanted with Prime PRC crap. May give it a try. Especially after I visited a store and found many decent items not made in PRC

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There is no Walmart especially close to me here but visiting a friend in the "East Valley" of Phoenix, there must have been 25 Walmarts in a 200 square mile area. A few miles apart. Including one ½ mile away. Imagine my surprise, empty parking lot, pound Land'O'Lake on sale for $1.05 each. It was almost like a local grocery/everything store, not the "Superstore" feeling I get around here.

Not to plug Amazon, but I did try their kiosk delivery. Had a package delivered to the yellow array by a local fuel station. Let their machine scan the code on my phone, and silently a door opens. Pretty neat. Spiffy, even!
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Just like you, I tried them a few times and quit ordering, standing in the line and trying to find it turned me off.

I guess I will have to check them out now and see if it works better at my local WM

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I never wanted to be a Walmart shopper but they got me.
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Every time I go in Walmart lately I run across at least one worker with a cart picking and filling orders from the shelves. That option is getting used by some at least but I haven't tried it. Out Walmart also blocked off several parking spots near the door for pickups as well.
I bet they had to add employees as well to handle the online order pick up at store orders.
I wonder if it doesn't cost them some impulse buying.

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I've used this service for sometime now. Never had a problem with any of it. Our local WM has a special desk that you go to you have your item in just a minute or two. Easy Peasy.

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