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Hillbilly Wannabe
I need a pair of work boots with good ankle support. They're for yard work such as shoveling,hauling,fencing ,etc. Light weight would be nice but supporting my weak ankle is top priority. Do any come with stays or reinforcements at the top?

Recommendations from experience wanted and as always , thanks for your time.
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If they don't need to be steel-toed, you might want to look into an upland hunting style boot... Irish Setters or Danner.

My upland boots are Irish Setter Wingshooter 846's... GoreTex with a Cordura upper. Great ankle support and fairly lightweight. Not sure they still make them in Cordura but the Wingshooters are great boots. Mine are 9" but 7" will probably work.

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I usually favor Danners but I have an order in for some Thorogoods. I'm hoping they show up by this weekend, I have some yard work to do as well.
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USGI issue. I use my old tan ones since I have to use the coyote ones now.

Danners for medium and garment for light are my favorites. the issued Bellmount or rocky summer ones are fine to, just a little heavier. Watch out for overseas models that look the same, they are not.

(Nike, Rebook and the like do not hold up in my experience)

Buying no longer in reg tan ones should be much cheaper than the new coyote ones.
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Lowa Zephyr GTX Hi TR

These are my all around boots. While they are a tad on the ugly side. They are comfortable and have great ankle support. While they are not the light like a gym shoe they aren’t heavy.

I have the Lowa Uplander GTX and they were better but have been discontinued. Their closest replacement is the is the R-6 GTX which I have as well but are only available in black. I prefer the Zephyr sage color or the brown Uplanders for everyday wear and getting dirty boots.

I used to be a Danner guy until I found Lowa.
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Check out Crispi. They are not in-expensive but very good ankle support. Several models, all leather, cordura, gore-tex, different heights. I bought a pair of the uninsulated Nevada last summer and wore them for a variety of activities
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Redwing 8" #953. A farmer's boot.

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Kennetrek boots have an option for a stiff ankle support insert.
While I wear the kennetrek’s I personally do not use the support.
However a good friend runs the same boot, and swears by the inserts while working on his farm, or hunting.
Good luck on your search
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Originally posted by Woodman:
Redwing 8" #953. A farmer's boot.

I endorse Redwings too.

My choice is style 402. For some reason Postimage blocked me using a photo from Redwings website.

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No idea of the quality these days but 15 years ago when I was a courier for FedEx I wore Wolverine Lace up composite toed boots. I could wear out a pair of Red Wings in 6 months. Wolverines usually lasted 18+. I had to wear lace ups because I broke my left ankle in high school and I had to have the ankle support, or my ankle would hurt like hell after a day or two of sneakers on the job.
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