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Originally posted by Beancooker:
I think the OP is looking for a recipe on how to make spam (what’s inside the blue tin). Not what to make out of the stuff in the can.

This is one recipe that looks pretty close to the ingredients in the wife’s blue cans.
No, actually I am trying to find recipes to make 'with' SPAM. Sorry if I was unclear about that.

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Shredded spam - I prefer the low sodium
Shredded cheese.
Just enough miracle whip to make it a spread
Spread it on buns
Broil the buns till cheese is melted
Eat and enjoy the meat sweats

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I did something similar to that Spam taco video the other day. Except with corn tortillas, they were great.

Or dice it up fine, brown it in a skillet and add it to instant yakisoba. Ooh that's a treat.
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I chocked down enough of this stuff while in the Navy to spoil me for life.

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Originally posted by triggertreat:
Sliced and fried.
Yup. I then put the slices on toasted wheat bread with yellow mustard (French's). Yum!


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When used to eat it when I was younger, usually would make fried rice.

I wonder how it would be if diced, fried and then mixed in with ground beef to make hamburgers or meatloaf.

Or rendered in place of pancetta to make risotto or carbonara or cornmeal coated fried fish (a la Hemingway).

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Not healthy.

Slice and fry low salt version.
Drizzle honey on Spam.
Let sit to resettle as glaze.
Place on bread with French's mustard.
Slice and enjoy.

Sometimes the old recipes with a twist are best. Ambrosia. Wink

Even "Jack In The Box" has Spam and Portuguese Sausage fried rice as a menu item around here. Delicious.

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and if you actually want to make your own SPAM... adjust salt levels and flavors to your own liking.

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Grate SPAM. Pan-fry with diced onions. Allow to cool. Toss with mayonnaise and the mustard of your choice. Add shredded cheese. It's now deviled Spam. Add chopped hard-boiled egg and it's now deviled egg and Spam salad. Spread on sourdough toast. Enjoy.
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Cube spam and stuff it in rigatoni noodles.

Layer noodles in casserole dish with cheese and pasta sauce alternating layers.



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