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Medical and finance aside... How are you, friends, neighbors dealing with this mentally and emotionally?

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My wife is freaking out. But she has health issues and a jankey immune system.

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Aside from being ashamed for the human race, I'm fine.
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My cat threw up.

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I tend to worry too much. I haven’t been sleeping well. My wife doesn’t have a great immune system, and she gets smashed hard by a common cold. So this has me a little worried. I don’t want to lose my best friend and partner in crime.

Aside of that, I’m doing just fine.

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Trying to find the humor and the bright spots where they can be found. My work-team and I have transitioned to telecommuting; once over the technical hurdles (almost no one on our team had worked from home prior to this), we’ve been trying to have fun with it.

Neighbors thus far seem to be doing well overall.

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We’re good here in the boonker

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I'm not afraid to admit it, I'm freaked out.

Went and saw grandpa yesterday, we stood on his front porch 10' away from each other. He seemed concerned. He's 85 and both he and his wife are not in great health, she's worse off than he is and possibly has lung cancer.


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I'm a little worried, a bit freaked out at the loss of business in my business, girlfriend is being extra annoying because she is used to going to the gym everyday and well is bouncing off of the walls.
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Originally posted by parabellum:
Aside from being ashamed for the human race, I'm fine.


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Cabin fever is setting in hard because of the great pollinating outside.

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Was anxious this week, not sleeping well a few nights, but saw some very encouraging reports on progress being made on therapies...not vaccines, actual treatments.

Great piece on Fox / Martha McCallum last night on a company I never heard of - Distributed Bio. Really got me thinking more optimistically.

The guy was super upbeat and well spoken. They took some existing "recombinant antibodies" made against the original SARS virus ~20 yrs ago and are tweaking them so that they recognize the COVID-19 virus (they are related enough to make this feasible).

Once they optimize the antibodies, they can be produced in large quantities and distributed as a therapy, with trials beginning early this Summer possibly.

Link below...

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My mother is very high on the at risk list.

Other than that, my area of the country is hurricane alley. We’ve gone weeks at a time without power, phone, and in some cases water. Other than future economic concerns, this is a breeze. Boring, but a breeze.

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What COVID situation??? Razz

Like I posted in the primary thread on the subject...get with me when there are 60,000,000 reported cases in the US, and then I'll discuss my mental/emotional status. Which will probably be no different than what it was when the Swine Flu was going around.

For the record, Para's post is SPOT. ON. I could go on an epic diatribe, but I'm enjoying my BRCC coffee and the toast I made from Italian bread. Yes...ITALIAN bread. Wink


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I find myself eating more beans on buttered toast.

Bush's Onion BB's on toasted wheat slathered with Kerrygold.

This afternoon I'll have openface toasted wheat slathered with Hellman's, sliced pickles, and cheese. Served with Wise chips and a Coke®.

Working through a bushel of grapefruit I cut from the tree nine days ago in Tempe.

No cable TV, no alcohol in the house, library is closed, YMCA is closed, GF left me for an electrician with better media content ... just me and a diabetic cat "starting all over", as it were.

Situation Normal. Code Green. Tomorrow a long walk along the river. Audio book via earbuds.

Tomorrow night, a newly-arrived DVD from Netflix. More cheese and pickle sandwiches. Maybe some 'company' ;-) Ya never know who you'll meet by the art museums.
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All, good I'm fine with isolation. Kids, family, dogs, pets.

Whatever happens is gonna happen. Worrying about it doesn't help at all.
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Originally posted by parabellum:
Aside from being ashamed for the human race, I'm fine.

This. I'm annoyed by a few things, like I won a GunBroker auction right when this started and now I'm not sure if it will get to me or not...or when. And a bunch of training at work that I'd been trying to get into for the past 6 months got cancelled...but my family is prepared to deal with this and there's no panic in our house. I just wish the rest of the world would calm the heck down. There hasn't even been a case of this overhyped flu bug reported in our county (and only 1 in all of the surrounding counties) and everybody's losing their everloving minds.
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Honestly, a bit stressed, but hanging in there. Divorce, house sale, loads of shit to do at work, plus this. The crime rate will inevitably go up during all this, so that means even more work.
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Mostly pissed off, at things like no toilet paper and periodic shortages of other staple foods like eggs and bread, and at the people who hoard them. Also pissed at the continual coverage and politicization of it. There wasn't any of this when SARS was going on. The economy news is depressing as well. I turned off all the TV news because of this.
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Another vote for ashamed. And I’ll add pissed because this overreaction has obviously destroyed the economy. Personally, I’m good emotionally. Haven’t changed one bit and am sleeping like a baby. But I do know a few people who will be hurt severely financially if this madness continues for another month or so.
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