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The Unmanned Writer
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Pretty much the writing is on the wall, the Legislative Branch will soon pass a law legalizing marijuana and all 50 states will soon follow.

So there's now the sect of people who are for this and the sect against (those in the middle will lean whichever way gets them re-elected Wink). But when legalized, and if your job/profession allows it - will you use it...

If/When marijuana becomes legal to use, and your job/profession allows it, would you use marijuana (either smoke or eat)?

Yes, in a heartbeat (and after the mad rush settles down)
Yes, after I figue what is going on only becuase I've never tried it before
Yes, only if my spouse/friends are willing to
Maybe, don't really know
Maybe, but only because I haven't tried it before
Nope, been there, done that, don't like it
Nope, that shit reeks so badly I absolutely hate it
Nope but, I don't mind if I am those whom I do not know are using it around me
Nope but my spouse/intimate other can
NO EFF'ing WAY - I've seen Reefer Madness


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I have no desire to use it or try it.

I was tempted a few times way back in my college days especially hen I was at parties where it was being used and all the ladies were partaking.

Now after 10 years of working in law enforcement and then working at the Medical Examiners office I have a skewed mindset.
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Conservative Behind
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Maybe the majority of folks will use it like alcohol - that is, not when they need 100% of their faculties, but rather when they're not responsible for anything important.

Or, maybe the legalization of it will unleash an unholy apocalypse upon mankind.

I found what you said riveting.
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Bookers Bourbon
and a good cigar
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Made it 2 tours in Vietnam and 21 years in the Army without it. No, I would not.

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The warrior whispers back, 'I AM THE STORM."

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It is, and I have (retired, no job hassles) but I quickly found myself headed down the same rabbit hole that got me in so much trouble with alcohol.

Quit, won't be going there again.

Be careful when following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.
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It's been "legal" here for a while now.
I believe there's only a small percentage of new users due to the decriminalization, and those who smoke, most have already been smoking it long before the laws changed.

No, I don't smoke. Not against it, It's just not my thing.
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No Compromise
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Nope. And hell nope. With a double side order of nope, smothered in nope sauce.

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hello darkness
my old friend
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No way. Made it 52 years without the need for intoxication or getting high.
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No I won’t use it. I find the very question that you ask to be problematic and at the root of my biggest issue though. If you legalize it then friggin legalize it. None of this “if your job allows it” crap. If America wants to legalize mj use then you just have to live with your military, your cops, your brain surgeon, your airline pilot, etc might have smoked it 8-12 hours earlier and screw you if that bothers you.

Legalizing marijuana for the barista at Starbucks and the bank teller is bullshit.

If it’s legal, then make it legal. But no I have no real interest.
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Crusty old
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I was stationed at Ft. Ord Ca. in 67-68 and it was everywhere off base, so yeah I tried it. Didn't care for it and haven't tried it since.

It's been legal here in Wa. for a while now but I haven't heard of any real problems with it. I'm sure the people using it before the legalization are still using it. I have a friend who uses it for medical reasons so it's good that he has easy access to it now. I'm pretty neutral on the subject at this point.



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Nope. Don't have any need for it recreationally. I've no interest in getting drunk, high, and stuff like that. To me, those states don't bring enjoyment out of life.

But if medically beneficial should I contract something someday, then perhaps.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - B.Franklin
"Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it." L.Tolstoy
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No, I won't. I inhaled, but I didn't like it.
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I see no purpose to it. I don't drink either. If I need to take a trip, I'll buy a ticket.

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E tan e epi tas
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My lungs are shit so no. That said I have seen far more problems arise from whiskey then MJ over the years and I certainly have enjoyed my bourbon.

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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Fighting the good fight
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I might try it, though I'd want to try it in a format that didn't involve inhaling smoke.

But I don't enjoy being intoxicated, and while I drink alcohol I very rarely drink to the point of being drunk (as in I can count on one hand the number of times), so I'm pretty confident that it wouldn't be my cup of tea.
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No way in hell, and it's not welcome in my home, either. I've never tried it, don't plan to start. I don't drink, either. My life is just fine as it is...intoxicants will in no way improve it. I deal with dopers every day at work, and legal or otherwise there's nothing about that life that appeals to me.

I carry a gun's just stupid to do that under the influence. I'm not gonna stop carrying just so I can smoke dope. I've also got better things to spend my money on (like ammo!).

Not gonna happen.
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I would never smoke it but I would like to try edibles to see if it will touch my back pain after suffering a burst fracture of my back several years ago. Would be nice to be able to sleep for a few hours at a time.

It's legal where I live but the times that I have driven by the place the line is wrapped around the building.

I'm not waiting in some crazy line for it that's for sure. Not sure why you can't order it online as long as you are ordering it from a legal state and it being delivered to an address in that state.
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Just got legalized in my state. Sounds like a shop is going to be opening up two blocks away from my house. Could be good or bad. I won't be trying it. Never have and never will.

Always carry. Never tell.
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I need the few remaining brain cells I have left.
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Muzzle flash
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NO. Absolutely not. I don't smoke or drink and don't need artificial intoxication. I hate the smell of burning tobacco (and MJ) and have never even tried a cigarette (or joint). I don't like the taste of alcohol and don't need anything to make me sillier. I do not willingly stay around anyone who is smoking anything and avoid drunks. (Yes, I've been called a "party pooper"--with some justificztion.)


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