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Considering dropping Comcast and going all Internet.

How much bandwidth do you consume and what number and type of devices are you using?

(HD, 4K, number of devices, how much is it on?)

Also would rather have a central interface to control everything without flipping around a lot with different remotes and channels or rather from HDMI1 to HDMI2, etc.

Now I have a couple Amazon Firesticks, Netflix and Comcast - using 5-600mb month out of the 1TB allowed without paying more $.

I imagine if you are a gamer (not) or have a bunch 4K it might get up there fast.
But do watch a lot of TV and wonder if it is on all the time if the bandwidth would skyrocket out of control.

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I can't answer your question on bandwith. I kept my Comcast internet. Prior to this I had Netflix anyways in addition to Comcast cable TV and internet.

I've switched to Sony PSVUE over 2 years ago and have the plan with everything except HBO/Cinemax. It's about $60 but that's out the door with all taxes and fees and it's half what I was paying with Comcast for the same exact stations and shows.

It's HD and the quality is just as good as comcast, includes free DVR, and can use it on up to 4 tv's or tablets. I am just as happy with it as I was Xfinity. I sometimes watch tv on my tablet when I'm outside grilling etc.. I have the latest Roku and only use the Roku remote for both the TV and everything else (Netflix, PSVUE etc.) My Samsung is a smart TV and could do everything through the TV but prefer the interface of the Roku better. I've never gotten charged extra from Comcast for internet usage.
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No idea on bandwidth but we haven’t watched more than a couple hours of regular tv in the last few years. Saving $75/month and don’t miss it at all. We stream on Netflix and prime and it’s still more than we really need.
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I streamed a lot of stuff when we first cut the cord 4 years ago... now I dont even turn the tv on unless the kids are watching it. I have found much more productive uses of my time, to be honest.

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Originally posted by smschulz:

How much bandwidth do you consume and what number and type of devices are you using?

(HD, 4K, number of devices, how much is it on?)

My router keeps track of our usage. FIOS here 50/50 Mbps. About $65 per month.

4 users in the house including 2 pre-teens. heavy Netflix and Prime video 3 hours per day between all of us as much as hate to admit that Frown . no gaming at all. Small amount of security cam uploads, but only when cams are triggered. Heavy WFH using company VPN which includes some skype. 1 4k-Roku / 2 4k-firesticks / 4 Kindles / 2 ipads / several cell phones which use wifi calling / 2 desktops.

we used about 500 GB last month. Our average use is a about 15 GB per day.

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Haven't looked at bandwidth but cut the cord a while back this year (March?)

Switched to Direct-TV Now (stream over internet "cable" TV channels" for $55 per mo). Also have Amazon Prime TV and Netflix. Using ATT 300 MBPS fiber connection thats been fairly reliable.

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I cut all my kid's cords.

Not one of them had any bandwidth after, though.
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Two of us in household.

We have Spectrum 100 MB service (tests at 112)

Streaming services:
Directv now (new name at&T)
Amazon Prime
Motortrend tv
HULU on trial, will drop soon.

Devices used:
Fire sticks on all TVs. The latest version of fire stick has on/off and volume control for tv. The 4K version has faster response and it’s worth it.
Using the same device on all tv’s is easier than explaining to others how it’s different on “this” tv to do something.

Picture quality has been excellent and we seldom have a halt for buffering.

Down side compared to cable box (on directv now) is that you have to scroll through listing to select channels. You can have favorites but a cable box with keying a 6 for a channel is easier.

I cannot help on amount of data being used. Spectrum discontinued the ability to see Total downloaded each month.

We also have an antenna for local channels and major networks. This requires changing source on the particular tv’s remote.

Overall positive for us. We have been on the above streaming services with fire sticks for over a year. Directv now is not the deal it was a year ago. If I were to change now it would probably be to YouTube TV. YouTube tv has the best fit for channels I want but no OAN.
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100% LOVING IT!!!!!!!

Pay $59.99 for 100MB cable internet - tests at or above.

Netflix, Hulu, and add on channels when we want to watch them. Cancel when we don't.

Don't miss network TV AT ALL.

Oh, have an over the air antenna that works ok when needed, was like $20 or something. I could run it to the roof and likely get better reception and might for college football season.
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We went with you tube, had all the free trial & you tube filled our needs. 50.00 monthly & $16.00 a month for Netflix.

We have unlimited streaming, running 4 tv’s.
Didn’t have to get a new router or modem. The old equip. works fine. Plus the cable co. Gave us 26 free channels n/charge.
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I have unlimited bandwidth on a fiber line so I don't pay attention to what I use. Pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Everything else is streamed from wherever. 3 devices most of the time. Probably stream video 8hrs/day.
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I cut the cord several years ago and I've never looked back! I feel some serious independence not being stuck with a high bill. We have gotten so accustomed to no network TV it only comes on after dinner to watch something on Netflix or Prime.

We simply love life without a host of channels that we would never watch anyway.

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Love it, have Frontier and they are ok. About 2 yrs ago we cut the cable and have Netflix and Amazon, plus we have the window mounted antenna on both tv's to get local. We pay about 70.00 a month. I am not a sports junkie but the local sports bars are pretty accommodating if I want to watch a certain game.
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We got tired of paying almost $200 a month to WOW for cable TV, internet, and phone. Fired them, and went with ATT internet for $50 a month, Direct TV Now for $40 a month, dropped the house phone and only use our cell phones. I am pleased with what we have for $90 a month total expenditure.

Forgot to mention the Roku box we use.

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Just as a side note, one of the best parts of cutting the cable for TV is running all my TV's on WiFi and being able to place them wherever I choose. During the World Series playoffs last year, I had a 32" Vizio TV set up on the tonneau cover of my truck so I could watch games as I worked with a friend on his wife's car while it was parked on my driveway.

And after trying Fire Sticks, Chromecast, and Roku devices for streaming, the clear winner for me was Roku. I have one on every TV in the house.

I personally am waiting to see how 5G pans out (fingers crossed). I'd love to cut that last internet cable and move to a wireless 5G modem at the house running significantly faster than my current 100mb Spectrum connection.

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My landlord cut the cord for me. He bought the cable system for the entire complex and basic cable and intergoogle is now free!
Since then, I mainly watch 3 or 4 cable stations. Stream NetFlix and Prime. I opted for an HBO / Showtime package for 30 bucks a month but plan to dump it since the movies suck. My LG Smart TV has NF and Prime built in.
No idea on bandwith use.

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I have ADSL2+ Bonded and am provisioned for 25Mbps but in reality get 23+Mbps on my ethernet connected desktop and 19-23 (depending) wireless as measured on my ROKU TVs. Sonos is my networked sound system for both TVs and streaming internet radio/music. and digitally stored music library as a home stereo system. The TV remotes control Sonos volume. So, one remote for each TV and when listening to Sonos as a stereo, it is controlled either via my desktop, laptop, Fire Tablet or iPad. They all have the Sonos app. Interestingly, the TV remotes also control Sonos volume even when the TVs aren't on and I'm just listening to streaming Internet music. Which I stream almost all day every day. So I don't have a bunch of remotes to deal with.

I have no idea how much bandwidth I use because my bonded DSL service is not metered. A couple of years ago when the cable company here was promising 60Mbps, I spoke with a technician that was installing next door. During our conversation, the technician admitted that 20Mbps was sufficient for most households and I have not had an issue streaming movies and shows on either TV. I have HD but not 4K. Although one channel on Pluto is said to be 4K and I have no problems streaming that channel.

I have an antenna for local broadcast shows. From the Internet I stream Amazon Prime. I did have Netflix until they signed on the Obamas shortly after he left office and I dropped Netflix like a rock. During college football season, I usually sign up for Sling so I can get ESPN and then cancel service at the end of the season. Don't think I'll do it this year though. Other than that, I have just a few free Roku channels which I seldom watch because the ads on the free channels become highly repetitive.

Besides watching college sports, I only turn the TV on for a few minutes at night before going to sleep unless I become interested in a particular movie, which doesn't happen often, as I don't like anything associated with Hollyweird or the politics of most actors so I can't stand to even watch them.

I have Internet service for browsing and for streaming music. The fact I can also stream visual media flawlessly on my TVs is just a nice to have and at no additional cost.

EDIT: I could get a better promotional price and higher speeds from a cable network but my Centurylink bonded pair DSL price is locked in FOR LIFE as long as I don't make any changes to my Centurylink service. So I don't EVER worry about jumping from one promotional to another, equipment shuffling and email changes etc, to avoid yearly incremental charge increases. My charge for service NEVER changes ... and 25Mbps is absolutely terrific for me. OH ... and I also have 2 Amazon Alexa dots on my wireless network. If Amazon wants to listen in on the mad mumblings of an old man and 2 dogs, go for it ... and I can also control Sonos with Alexa voice commands, so no remotes.
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Never had a cord to cut in the first place. Neither my wife nor I ever thought the cost of subscription TV, for what you got, was worth it.

We watch over-the-air (OTA) TV using a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro. Single rooftop antenna feeds the network tuner and we put streaming devices on all the TVs. Subscribed to the Channels DVR service. Now we watch OTA TV, live or recorded, from any TV in the house--and even with remote devices when travelling.

That's supplemented with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and One America News. Total monthly bill is $26/mo. That does not incl. AP or the Internet connection, but we'd have those, anyway, so I don't count those as "TV expenses."

Can't speak as to bandwidth consumption. Never checked. We're on Business High-Speed Internet, so we're not metered. Thus I do not care Smile

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Cut the cord in May. Couldn't be happier. Had 50/5 service but went with a deal for 100/10. Both provided great access throughout my multi-level home.

On 1 June we replaced a 15 year old Mitsubishi rear projection 65" unit with a TCL 65R615 4K RokuTV as well as replacing a decade old Oppo DVD player with a Philips BDP7502 4K Blu-Ray unit.

We get all the local OTA broadcasts without issues and have opted to NOT subscribe to any of the pay streaming services. In addition to OTA, my 4K Roku TV is set up with the likes of Tubi, PlutoTV, Sony Crackle, Roku, Xumo, Filmrise, popcornflix, etc. As an aside I like Tubi best as it gives you a 9 second countdown to when commercials run so you can mute them and even tells you how many. Granted these free services don't have the latest and greatest but still.

Along with the 4K Blu-Ray player and my DVD library, I also feed movies and series found online from my desktop computer which is connected via HDMI to the big screen.

So all we pay for is the internet service. Smile Works for me! Big Grin

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I'm another Apple 4K/Sony PS Vue user. As I have explained before, if you subscribe to PS Vue, it is about like having a cable TV service. You have a guide pretty much like a cable TV service where you can see current, past a future shows on individual channels.

As I have explained before, what I like about PS Vue is that I like to watch on demand shows so I download different channel apps on my Apple 4K like AHC(American Heroes Channel), HGTV, Science, USA Network, FoxNews, Discovery, etc, etc so I can watch their live contact or other programs/shows they have on demand.

Other streaming services don't have the ability to use the apps because they require that you have a cable provider. PS Vue is considered a cable provider so you use your PS Vue credentials to sign in to those apps so you can use them.

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