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I dropped Frontier cable a few years ago and kept just the internet service. I'm on a 30/<something> plan and haven't had any bandwidth issues. I stream Amazon Prime and Netflix, plus Sling TV during football season (although I may replace that with another option this year). Besides the TV, I have one computer on a wired ethernet connection and two smartphones on wifi. I'll probably be adding a 2nd TV in another room and running it with a Roku box, also on wifi.
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We’ve gone through two or three iterations of cord cutting. First we used TiVo,then Apple TV, Firesticks, Roku. The main tv in our den has an Nvidia Shield on it and it’s awesome. Bedroom tv still has a roku ultra. Our speed from Charter is like 200mbs. Never any buffering. Btw, there’s a cord cutting channel on YouTube that’s pretty good, I forget the name of it...

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The only things we would miss by cutting cable would be Fox News and CSPAN.
We’re up to $170/month with Spectrum and something’s going to have to give.
Are there alternative streaming services that provide FNC?

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We cut the cord probably 8 years ago. Took some time to fill the void with other means and activities, but now I do not miss it. I can find anything I want on several streaming sites at a fraction...a tiny fraction of what I was giving to Comcast every month.

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I have FNC on my Sony PlayStation Vue, to answer a question above.

For those who still want to know about the cable replacement streaming services like Sony PS Vue, Hulu, ATT Now(DirecTV Now), Youtube TV, Sling TV,etc, most if not all have a 30 free trial. I had more than I listed above for 30 days, and I went with PS Vue.

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I went with Hulu live. No regrets. Get Local networks (that I never watch) & Fox channels. No regrets..


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Same here we went with hulu, local channels and sports channels for mlb, college football.

My problem was getting my wife and daughter trained on how to use it and the remote.

Our internet is 40 mgb/sec and we have never had an issue. But we dont have 4k TVs either, and I'm not sure if that would effect it.

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Cut the cord after the AT&T & DirecTV acquisition/customer service debacle, though we'd been considering it for some time. We never watch live TV and we don't miss it. No news, no sports, nothing live.

Roku devices at each TV for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Plex server access. The Plex server is an OTA DVR thanks to the Silicondust tuner on the network and it hosts our large collection of DVD/BluRay movies (I ripped them all) and recorded TV series. Thanks to "MeTV" I've now got every Perry Mason episode ever and the whole family enjoys it. Since Plex strips out commercials automatically, if we do watch a recorded TV show we never see the commercials. Kinda funny when somebody mentions, "Oh did you see that commercial for blah blah blah?" We haven't, and we love it.
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My wife and I are the only users of our internet connection (19 mbps download). Both her and I will stream two devices simultaneously (2 x 2 = 4 devices) and we never get any lag at all. We user Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube. Additionally I do a lot of remoting to my desktop at work. Never any delay.
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Originally posted by sjtill:
The only things we would miss by cutting cable would be Fox News and CSPAN.
We’re up to $170/month with Spectrum and something’s going to have to give.
Are there alternative streaming services that provide FNC?

With YouTube TV, we have Fox News.


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Just last week dumped Directv. Currently using WatchTV which is an ATT streaming service. Streaming with Firestick. It’s included with my cellphone plan so saving around $80/ month we were paying Directv. Has around 30 channels but includes pretty much everything we watched anyway.
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300Mb internet, but I don't have a bandwidth cap so I don't bother to track it. We have plenty of TV's and use Roku's as our streaming device of choice. We have subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime, and will likely add the new Disney/Hulu/ESPN package when it comes online later this year. I get HBO on-and-off if they have a series I want to keep up with.

However, most of our video viewing is either YouTube, or DVDs/BluRays that I've ripped and put on a media server in our house.

I never watched much in the way of sports or cable news, so I didn't miss loosing that. Bottom line: we were worried before we did it, now we wouldn't even consider going back. Between having our own media library for movies, and having way more stuff we would like to do for fun around the house besides watch TV, we don't miss it at all. Our kids don't even remember a time when we had Cable TV.

Do it. You will be fine.

- Bret
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Cut. Gigabit ethernet. 22 devices on Google mesh Wi-Fi. YouTube tv. No regrets.

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We got sick of the big bucks Spectrum bills. We went to DirectTVNow, now called AT&TNow. We got in at the beginning and got there GoBig pkg. Lots of channels, HBO, Fox News, business, sportstime, and local channels. Probably got 75 channels. But mostly watch local, TCM, AxxS, and TVLand. Only wish we had METV, GRIT. It’s aggravating when it buffers, but for the price I can put up with it. Oh,, we get 20 hrs of DVR service a month. Not bad for 55$ month. Use both ROKU and AppleTV.

Got Prime and Netflix too. I really like watching the old Dick Cavett interviews.
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Originally posted by smschulz:

Now I have a couple Amazon Firesticks, Netflix and Comcast - using 5-600mb month out of the 1TB allowed without paying more $.

Not sure if your Question got answered, but I bet 1TB per month is enough for you based on what I use with a 4 person household. I also know that you know how to monitor your usage, so if you see it's starting to get high (it won't) then switch to that old collection of DVD's for the rest of the billing period. Smile

Does that help?

BTW, I only hit more than 1TB once -- that was the month I was testing my cloud backup so I downloaded all of it. I hope I never have to do that for real -- took forever Smile

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I cut the cord 14 years ago and have literally never once regretted not having cable television to watch.

Before streaming services were reliable, I was using a Netflix DVD subscription and keeping a couple discs of television shows and movies in queue. I would also fill time, if necessary, with YouTube being pushed from a dekstop to my CRT television. It was crude, but it worked.

These days, I've got Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
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Might have been mentioned in the thread, but the content is compressed. Which can be bad when there are dark scenes with a lot of blacks. But usually it's unnoticeable.

I haven't had cable in a decade. Never looked back. The only weird part is my kids didn't know what they wanted for Christmas anymore, because the TV didn't tell them.
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Youtube has so much content that I couldn’t imagine paying to watch hollywood garbage.
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I am thinking of ditching Comcast and going the Hulu route.

How do the Hulu local channels work? Do you set a location for local channels or does it detect your location?

I live in York, PA but work in VA. I would like to watch local York channels while in VA.
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