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Very sorry to hear of your loss.

I too was blessed with wonderful in-laws and we lost my mother-in-law in 2016.

I'm not sure which is more difficult, an unexpected death where nobody gets a chance to say goodbye or "I love you" one last time, or a lingering death where the family has to witness the suffering of a loved one.

I know how hard it has been on my wife to have lost her mother. You and your wife are in my thoughts today.
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My condolence

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Prayers sent to you and the family Para, very sorry for your loss. Frown

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So very sorry Para....I've been through it and it's very tough when your wife is so devastated.
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Tragic. Sorry for your loss.
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My condolences Para to you and the family

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I'm very sorry to hear this.
Thoughts and prayer are with you and the family!
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My condolences to you and your family
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Truly sorry for your loss.


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Para, my condolences to you, your wife, and all of your family. Praying for you all.


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I logged back in today so I could post how sorry I was for you loss sir.

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My condolences.

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I'm sorry for your loss Para. Prayers for your father-in-law and those he was close to. I know I'm going to be in those same shoes some day because my in-laws are a blessing.
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Very sorry for you and the entire family.

I lost my Dad to sudden cardiac arrest the day he was released from a week long stay in the hospital.

When two of my Dad's nurses asked what he was going to do first, he said going dancing ~ then danced with them before getting wheeled out by the Corpsmen.
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So very sorry for your loss. It must be doubly difficult what it comes suddenly out of the blue.

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Very sorry Para.
I hope the family is holding up okay.

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Prayers for your Family.
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My prayers go out to you and your family.

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I'm so sorry to hear this sorrow has come into your family. Add my voice to the others as I offer my support.


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Peace be with you and your family.

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