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Originally posted by rusbro:
Full, 15-min, interview here:

Near the end of the full interview, the Co host is speaking about the next segment - and the stunned look on the female reporter's face is priceless!

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Love her. We need to here more from her. Way to go
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Partial dichotomy
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Her sister reports to my wife at work. We had several large BBQs at my house over the summer and I have consistently tried to get the sister to invite Candace along. Nothing yet, but hopefully one day.
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Originally posted by PASig:
She is definitely Public Enemy Number 1 on many a leftist's enemies list.

A few months ago, she and Charlie Kirk were at a restaurant and Antifa shows up to protest her and they call her a "white supremacist" Big Grin

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I’d give her a high five! Big Grin

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Do you think my wife would let her take a "sister-wife" position in my household Wink

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Attractive and smart, deadly combo.
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I like watching her go at it with the leftists. She has a good story on how she got where she is. Hopefully many in her generation listen to her and open their eyes and minds.

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