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Exact same experience as V-Tail. Wife has '19 Hybrid Limited. No issues, she loves it, similar MPG.

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Wife had a 2008 Limited, 2015 Limited and now a 2019 Hybrid Limited. Never a lick of trouble and she loves the Hybrid the most.
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A colleage and friend commutes in a Rav 4, I ride in it if we go out to lunch, I like it a lot for all the reasons above, particlarly quality of build and reliability.

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My folks just bought a new 2020 hybrid limited. So far, they really like it.


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If you are going to own/drive it forever don’t buy a hybrid
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My wife has a 2018 Hybrid. She loves it. She wasn't too happy about me insisting on the Hybrid and the Limited model. It took her a few months to warm up and now says she likes the top of the line model.

Only problem was the radio, which wouldn't sync up to her cell phone. They replaced the thing and it took over a month to get it in. She gets 34.5 mpg, and I'm pretty much convinced its her driving, not the car. But she won't listen (wife). She just hasn't learned hyper mile style, and probably won't ever.

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The wife's 2011 Limited is still going strong and well over the 100k mark. It still drives like it's brand new. I've only ever had to replace the battery, apart from normal maintenance.


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Gents, THANKS for all the experience and good suggestions! Not only from me, but Mrs CPD SIG as well!

Yes, pretty much a no-go on the hybrid. And leaning toward the AWD, just because of the "snow" factor here.

Russ59, you bring up a good point, they are selling like crazy. May have to wait a week or two.

Again, to all of you, THANKS!


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My wife bought a new one in 2012
It’s been pretty good. Electric door locks were the major problem, I think they’ve all been replaced but it was under warranty. Water pump went bad under warranty too now that I think about it.
Since then it’s been perfect. She said back then she got a lemon.
I like it more than she does I think, I’ve told her to go buy something else and I’ll take the rav.
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I have had the 2017 RAV4 Hybrid for two weeks. It's best car I've ever owned
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