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Wow! A manly gesture by a discerning Sig afficando,!
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12131, you sir are a class act, I raise my glass to you.

David W.

Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud. -Sophocles
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When ever I talk about this forum I start with,"it's a gun forum but that's really just a small part of what we talk about.

Please let me indulge in a little thread drift. A couple of weeks ago I asked for suggestions for a mom/son dance for my sons wedding. I showed the thread to my wife, she picked three and sent them to my son, he narrowed it down and that's what they danced to last Saturday. A song that came from a gun forum.

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In search of baseball, strippers, and guns
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I own no Sigs. Zero. Yet this is by far and away the board I participate the most in, across all my interests and hobbies

It's because of people like this

Well done, all around


If the meek will inherit the earth, what will happen to us tigers?
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Amazing generosity! Congrats.
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As mouth as I would like to, I really cant add anything that hasn’t already been said.

12131 is the type of guy that restores hope for us all.

"Where MY free shit?!"

What part of "...Shall not be infringed" don't you understand???

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That's impressive
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12131's generosity is indeed epic. As is Dave's. My thanks to the both of them.

The rest of the membership is no slouch, either. How many times have members needed a hand and found it here? Members or others (e.g.: Houston)?

And let us not forget Para for making it all possible. On his own dime. Asking little more than "behave like adults."

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system,,,, but too early to shoot the bastards." -- Claire Wolfe
"Whenever somebody uses 'liberal,' when what they really mean is 'leftist,' they immediately lose my attention." -- Me
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Just got off the phone with 12131. Wow! What a friendly, warm, generous guy he is, In Real Life!

He is a symbol of everything that is right and kind on SIGForum!

Thank you again, 12131!

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A distinguished Gentleman, among many more.

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Truly impressive.

-------------------------------------------------------2/28/2015 ~ Rest in peace Dad. Lt Commander E.G.E. USN Love you.
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Well it's my turn. 12131 sent me a beautiful BCM M4 a couple weeks ago after my cousin/neighbor was murdered in a drive by shooting.
I posted the story about him getting killed and that I needed to save up to get a M4. Member here started posting in the tread and I not long after I posted I received a email from 12131.

This is his email

I am writing you mainly to offer you one of my AR15s completely on me. No need to save up for it.
It will be one of my complete BCM rifles.
Say the words, give me your FFL info, and it will be on the way ASAP.

That was it. I didn't really know how to react. I knew he was a very generous man because I've read the post where he would give one of his P228's to LEO's or Vietnam Vets and so on and giving away a rifle to anyone that helped out after the hurricane in Texas. I was really happy that he was making those people so happy with the gifts he gave them never thinking I would be one of those people too.
I almost turned down his offer as I was embarrassed to take it. But I did find a FFL to do the transfer and it was in the mail.

It's a beautiful rifle and had never been shot. I told the guys at the pawn shop it was sent to about it while we were waiting for the mail man to come. They couldn't believe that someone I didn't even know would send me a free rifle and then when they took it out of the box they couldn't believe it.
I told them that they just didn't understand our forum and the members on it and how many wonderful people there was on it.

And it wasn't just 12131 I had other email offers from SF members after I had already talked "well typed" with him. They were offering rifle parts and you name it. Then after I received the rifle I got more emails from SF members wanted to know if I needed magazines and ammo. I had to turn them all down, I didn't want to be greedy I was already so blessed by 12131 I just couldn't take anything else from the SF family.

This sure is a lot of words from me to be posting so I'll end it with what I told 12131 in some emails. I told him my vocabulary wasn't big enough to express what that gift really meant to me. He cared about my well being with these murders in my area.

Thanks so much to 12131 and the other SF family members for your offers and support during this crazy 3 month murder spree.


And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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