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Wood stove in the basement has been going for three weeks now. Once we start a constant night/day freeze(anything 32 degrees and lower), then I will turn on the furnace. Wood will keep going the entire winter, but the furnace is used for the main floor when it is colder. Thermostat is set at 65.

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The thermostat has been set to 65 degrees, and it’s gets that cool at night- perfect sleeping conditions for me. The wife and kids have taken to the electric blankets, however- it won’t be long before I’m told to fire up the fireplace insert.

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I still have my A/C going, and it is running on and off day and night!!! Hopefully soon, I can shut it off.
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Yeah, I turned mine on a couple of weeks ago. 70 deg in the day. 66 deg at night.

We are leaving next week for our first ever "Snowbird Express", I will set the T-Stat for a 24 hour 55 deg for the winter.

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No. Usually not until Thanksgiving or the week before unless there's some crazy ass weather.

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I’m with Navy Guy...we usually try to make it to as close to Thanksgiving as we can. It’s almost become sort of a challenge for us. I’m currently in shorts and T-shirt with the A/C running in SC.
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Yes, earlier this month.

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I spend a good bit of time outdoors in the Winter, but I dress appropriately & don't mind the cold. When I come in the house though, I want to be warm.

We heat with a wood stove & my wife complains that it's always too hot in the house. I guess it's old age setting in, but just being "not cold" just isn't good enough anymore.


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I’m a bit like NavyGuy too however with my hip replacement slated for this Friday, lit the pilot light last night just in case.

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Turned it on once, a week ago or so, then went back to AC for a day or two, then nothing at all required for a couple days.

Then back to the furnace two-three days ago. Yesterday I finally bowed to the inevitable. Opened the outside air intake, commissioned and activated the whole-house humidifier.

May have to turn the AC back on round about this coming weekend, though. Welcome to Michigan

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A week or so ago. Woke up to 61* inside, SWMBO announced it was time to switch the system over. It's popped on a few times since.

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