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1990 Isizu Amigo. At about 171 thousand and change.

Isuzu was used and abused for decades by Gm. They made great vehicles on the cheap but pulled out of North America in 2009. Still have a presence in other markets.

Me and the old gal will keep on keeping on for as long as possible.

Snow, mud, talc, dirt, rocks. Honey badger Amigo don't care in the Pacific northwest.

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283,000 on my 2010 Ford Taurus. does not use oil between 5,000 mile change intervals. Just put on a new set of 80,000 mile tires.

I have usually traded or sold cars at 220,000 - 240,000 miles. Since I and winding down my working future, I am keeping this one going.
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I can't remember the exact mileage off the top of my head, but I've got a 2000 Camry with over 350k.

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I have 3 cars, a 2014 BMW Z4 with 11k miles, a 2005 Nissan Xterra with 207k miles on it (I bought for hauling trash and when I need to buy bigger shit at Lowe’s), and a 2014 VW GTI with 36k that I recently got as a daily. The Xterra still runs great. No issues and has a manual transmission so no tranny fluid/SMOD issues. I’m actually so impressed by the hi-mileage Xterra that I think I might go buy a 2018 leftover Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SV V6 Midnight Edition later this week.

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I have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid with over 200K miles on it. It's still running good and gets me where I want to go. The air conditioning no longer works so it's not a comfortable car to drive in the summer.
A few years back I had a Honda Civic with almost 400K miles on it. It was my daily commute car. It still had the original clutch on it when I finally sold it.
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208K on a 2000 tundra,
wife had 160K on a Camry we sold her Sister, who still drives it with well over 200K on it now, (1997 LE)

just sold the wife's 2009 CR-V with 197K on it, traded up to a Lexus RX350 with 60K, she will likely drive it till it hits 200K+

I'm currently 48K into a CPO Civic I picked up last year when my Cooper was totaled, will likely drive it well past 200K


a friend recently gave his mechanic a 1994 Toyota hilux pickup, standard short bed, stripped base truck with 398K on it,

still ran but was starting to show its age,
his mechanic is using it to teach his kid how to do some stuff, since it finally needs someone to go thru the motor
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2005 Ram 1500 with 195k
2006 Merc E350 w/ 186k
and my wife's "new" 2010 Merc ML350 w/ ~135 that we bought about 5 months ago.

The ram shows its age, but runs well. The Mercs are great cars if you keep up with the maintenance.

I once bought a car with under 100k on it (89k on a volvo C70). I felt like I had made it in life.

My SIL will only buy new. Once she considered looking at a used Mini with 30k on the odometer, then got worried that it would break down and leave her on the side of the road. I just shake my head.

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We have 150K on a 2010 Lexus RX350
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My 2001 CRV is over 360K

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