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My '04 Tahoe is right at 290K. I was able to write off $25K of the purchase price on my 2004 return (179 deduction) so with the tax credit that generated, I think I only really paid around $25K or so for it. I feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

My shop started using the high mileage oil somewhere along the way. I have no idea whether it's made a difference or not, but I've never had anything other than routine maintenance issues.
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250,000 miles on a previously owned Lexus LS 400

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I got a Million of 'em!
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I retired my ‘08 Hyundai Santa Fe at 284,000.

My ‘15 Subaru Crosstrek has 155,000 and while I’d normally keep pushing it, my son turns 15 this year so I’m going to give it to him before I roll it over 200K.

I do a lot of driving as an outside sales rep in case you can’t tell.
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I have 267k on my 03 4Runner. I have the 4.7L V8. Still drives great. Last few years I’ve driven the whole family to Florida and family in Kansas City. We just bought a 2014 Honda Odyssey EXL with 71k. It’s brand new to us. I guess I’ll just make my 4Runner my around town vehicle.

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I put 250,000 on my 1985 Volvo 245 wagon (the last new vehicle I ever bought). Only got to 179,000 with my '94 Isuzu Trooper (transmission failure). Sold my 2000 Silverado at 217,000(bought at 79,000 miles) because I didn't need a pickup any longer (I thought!). 202,000 on my '99 Durango (bought at 66,000). Still runs strong, but having Durango rust issues. Picked up a CHERRY '99 4Runner Limited in August 2018 with 150,000 miles. Only have it up to 160,000 at this point due to some health issues, but expect to run it for a long while.
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198,500 on my 2002 Escort ZX-2. Little bit of an oil leak, otherwise problem free. Will need to replace timing belt for the second time at about 210,000-215,000 or so.
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135,000 on my 2012 F150. 7,500 on my 2015 Vette Smile
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276k on my 07 ford f 150 really hoping for 300 k just so I can say so. come on baby you can do it. Smile
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Crap some of you drive a lot!

I have only owned 1 car, that I bought when I was 19. I bought a Sentra, new, and it has been my daily driver now for 12.5 years and about 50 miles shy of 162k. I keep shopping for cars online, have been for like 10 years, but I just never have any real issues with the Sentra, and I get solid gas mileage.

Eventually, I'll give in and buy a car. Whatever that car may be, I sure hope I can drive it at least 15 years.

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1996 Isuzu Rodeo, about 230,000 when my girlfriend hit a deer.

2000 Grand Cherokee, nearly 300,000 miles when the dealership screwed up a brake repair job and it caught fire. I took that as a bad omen.

1989 Mercedes 300E, just under 300,000 when the trans went out. I think it had some "help."

We have less than 49,000 miles on our 2012 Cruze, so I think our high-mileage cars are a thing of the past. We need it to last, though, since we're both retired.

There have been other vehicles, of course, but they were killed off by bad design (1986 Chevy Nova, a couple Italian cars) and an accident (2001 Mercedes), no spectacular mileage on any of them. One of the Italian cars didn't even make it to 30,000 before dying of multiple causes.

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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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My 07 Jeep Commander is at 175k. Trying to make it last until 200k before I get a replacement.


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98 Taco with 361K on the odometer.
97 Accord with 203K .

Half of me keep saying I need a new vehicle. The other half keep saying they don't make em like they used to.
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Trophy Husband
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My '15 Accord has 140,000 miles on it. I have a 100 mile round trip commute every day.

My wife's '14 Pilot has 30,000 miles on it. We just replaced her tires recently. It wasn't because of wear but they were dry rotted.

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‘82 Diesel VW rabbit, 336,000 miles (not all mine, but most of them).

2003 VW Diesel, 312,000 miles. All mine.
2017 Mazda 3, 25,000 miles before trading it in on...

2018 Jeep Wrangler, 22,000 miles in less than a year.

I’ll keep the Wrangler until it falls apart unless I give it to one of my kids first.

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My 2000 Honda Accord LX has somewhere north of 194,000 on it and going strong; still runs and drives like a new one, and looks amazing while doing it too! About the only 5-speed Accord of that vintage I can remember ever seeing also.

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, on it works as it should, so I intend to keep driving this one for many years to come! Big Grin

Bill R.
North Alabama
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250,000 on my 2005 Toyota Corolla.
137,000 on my 2006 Chevy Silverado
99,000 on my 2009 Pontiac G6
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160k+ on my ‘10 Forester and 90k on my wife’s ‘16 Forester.

Before those we put over 220k+ on a Buick Rainier but I repaired it a LOT.

We drive a lot.
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Originally posted by C L Wilkins:
My '15 Accord has 140,000 miles on it. I have a 100 mile round trip commute every day.

My wife's '14 Pilot has 30,000 miles on it. We just replaced her tires recently. It wasn't because of wear but they were dry rotted.


Right there with you on daily commute, driving 200 miles round trip, each week day, which leaves me at 265,000 on a 2013 Honda Accord Sport.
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My truck has about 205,000. We have two truck we don't drive anymore one has 444,000 the other 509,000

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I got 335K out of my 2007 Altima 3.5SE before it had genuine engine trouble that made it not viable to repair.

I currently have 145K on the 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk that replaced it.

I drive almost 40K per year, so I tend to buy new and drive them into the ground.


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