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Resort -El dorado royale - mexico

Casitas is the more expensive but worth it. Otherwise the regular works just fine too as ive stayed at both.

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I really enjoyed The Valentine Resort in Riveria Maya. I would definitely go back in second.


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Originally posted by ASKSmith:
[snip]The Rendezvous at St. Lucia[/snip]

Tagged for later. Looks awesome.

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Chongo, I've been all over the Carribean and I'd go back to st Thomas, grand Cayman, and a lot of others. But I would never go back to Jamaica, or the Bahamas...too touristy and they will pester you all over town.
For a great time and two different cultures try St Martin. French and Dutch.

Go out in town w/o fear of being robbed or ripped off and the water is great there.

Don't bother with Mexico, I won't support their economies if they are sending us their illegals. Plus it sucks.

I've been to St Johns on a honeymoon and St Lucia on an anniversary. We went with Sandles and we're not disappointed. Check the availability of restaurants on the campus and let that help you decide.non St Lucia we went to La Toc and they had 5 places to eat on the property and it was great.

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We're partial to Sandals. Relaxed environment without kids. We've been to several of them and the food is usually good. The drinks are great. Bartenders make custom drinks named after you.

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What about a cruise? If not, St.Thomas, St.John, you can island hop.

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