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Looking for inexpensive dvr for occasional use. Nothing fancy like recording 4 shows at once.
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No Compromise
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I am considering the same. So far I'm looking to get a TV tuner for one of my old computer systems for a 'roll your own' DVR. No service would be required. This is something you may consider.

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XBOX ONE or WatchAir
I have not used either yet but planning on getting the XBOX here soon and if that does not work as well as it reads I will try the WatchAir.

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I’ve never heard of the Watchair. Interesting product.

My son uses a couple of TiVo’s and loves them.

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The Channel Master DVR+ isn't bad. We've been using one for... I dunno... three years or so?

Two tuners. The tuners aren't as good as the tuner in our Samsung TV, but are mostly adequate most of the time. Free subscription to a channel guide that works well most of the time. (Sports running overtime and last-minute changes will be missed.)

You can put an external USB drive on it for more storage. I've got a WD 1TB drive on ours.

We've got lousy reception due to trees. I'm going to try a new antenna, when the weather permits rooftop access again. If that doesn't work, I'll re-site the antenna. Once I straighten that out I'm going to replace the DVR+ with a Silicon Dust HDHomerun Connect Quatro and put AndroidTV devices on all the TVs. Then I'll expand the storage on the home network server, put the appropriate software package on it, and sign up for their DVRing service.

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I’ve been a TiVo guy for years. Even with the subscription fee, I think they’re the best.
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