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Oriental Redneck
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In appreciation of all you guys/gals out there who put your lives on the line everyday you put on that uniform and walk out the door, this P228 will go to one of you.

For the fun of it, if you don't mind, tell us your most interesting day on the job. Smile

The Karmanator will pic the winner in a week or so.

** WINNER = Klusk2 **

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Thank you for the opportunity.. love this forum.. Interesting hmmm.. funniest one is the guy I call him the blue man... decided after stabbing someone and running from k9 to hide in a port a potty... and it was in the Receptacle end of the containment system... once he flushed himself it was a one way trip and he couldn’t get out. The fire department had to cut him out and his skin was Literally blue, even after a wash down...

Stay safe everyone.
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Please include me for consideration in this very generous karma. I've been a uniformed police officer and am now a fed. I've got about 14 years experience between the two.

As far as interesting days I would have to say that my most interesting day in law-enforcement so far involved a takedown of a multi agency gun and drug trafficking group. To make a long story short, I was covering outer perimeter and a local sheriffs office swat team was going to make the actual arrest. The bad guy broke containment and then the Chase was on. I ended up being the first person to put hands on the bad guy, but not before a vehicle chase, with shot out tires, a helicopter trying to block the road that the bad guy tried to ram, and a bad guy trying to drive off a bridge. Ultimately the bad guy jumped off a bridge into the Hudson river. I had seen several people jump off of that bridge from that same spot and die. This guy made it and started swimming to shore with a broken hip and three broken ribs as it turned out. We rushed to shore and initially only saw the bad guys jacket. I was actually taking my gun belt and bulletproof vest off and about 10 seconds from jumping into the river with water temperatures in the 40s. Just before I took the plunge someone else spotted the bad guy underneath the dock that we were all standing on and we ended up yanking him out of the water.

What makes this an interesting day is the fact that it actually happened. As I'm sure most other cops on this forum can attest, Hollywood-like chases are exceedingly rare. Most guys that I know have gone their entire careers without having half of the things occur that happened in this Chase. In my case they all happened in one event. I'm leaving a bunch of stuff out, but everyone involved said that we all knew that none of us would ever top that series of events that our entire careers. I've been shot at, involved in two active shooter events that were actually active when I was there, disposed of unstable and volatile explosives, investigated bombings, just been involved in a lot of memorable events, but have yet to top that chase.

**The views expressed above represent those of the poster only and not necessarily those of his employer**
**Any advice given should not be considered legal counsel and used for entertainment purposes only**
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Count me in. The most interesting day to me occurred when I was a young patrolman. I had received a bolo from the detectives in which they were looking for a serial rapist. The only description they had was a black male who wore a shirt with some kind of patch on his left sleeve. I stopped a male in the area where the rapes were occurring and his name was Clifton Hall. He was the most helpful/friendly person I ever stopped and volunteered to show me his shirt under his jacket. Lo and behold he had a patch on his left sleeve. I had no reason to keep him, so I took his info and turned it over to the detectives. He ended up being the serial rapist but more importantly, his DNA matched the DNA to a brutal killing of two children in 1985, for which someone else had been doing time. That was not discovered until sometime later but I will always remember stopping him and how calm and cool he was. Not sure if I can attach the link to this monster's story but here goes:

Escape is not always the safest path.
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Good luck to all the LEO's out there. Be safe and thank you for what you do. And to Q for the great Karma for the LEO's

And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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Raised Hands Surround Us
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Most interesting day that is a real tough one. Kind of like best movie it all kind of depends on the category.

One day so I’ll share the day I look forward to every year.
Shop with a Cop, most of the year our FOP and local community members collect money so we can take local kiddos, that don’t have much, shopping for Christmas. These kiddos get to spend $150 at a local big box store so they can get toys, clothes, whatever they want.

To see those kids light up and get to choose what they want as they don’t have much is a blessing.

While not the daily part of the job it is one of the best.

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Soren Kierkegaard
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My brother has a police officer in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years now. I'm sure he could tell quite a few funny stories, but I do remember him telling me that he arrested a girl for prostitution when he was in his first year on the job. He had gone to high school with the girl, had a bit of a crush on her during that time, and had the privilege of arresting her and making small talk about the good ol' high school times.
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Awesome karma, thank you!

My most interesting day, a woman called 911 reporting that she thought she was having her baby. When the call went out on the radio I was about 1 block from the address. When I entered the house I found the woman on her hands and knees crying, naked from the waste down, with the baby crowning. By the time the ambulance got there I was holding the baby and trying to convince mom that the baby was fine and that everything would be ok. Still see mom and her son around town now and then.

"Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready."

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I'll give it a go. One I got a lot of satisfaction out of-
I was an auto theft detective in a group of 8-10. Our dispatch advised us a county deputy with a Lojack tracker was behind a stolen pickup sending off a signal. He backed off and directed a State helicopter with a tracker to follow it at a distance. Long story short, the stolen pickup led us (city, DPS and County dets) to a house where we recovered 12-15 stolen F250s, Rams, Chevys and a jeep or two.
We knew were at the (coyote's) right house when
we would find the back seats to pickups stacked in bedrooms. They had been removed for bringing loads of illegals north. Nopal was still cooking on the stove when we chased them out of that house.
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please include me in the karma that is way too generous.

I went to back up another officer on a traffic stop. I drive by and everything seems fine until I pull up to the rear of the vehicle and I see taser wires. I park and get out to help. We fight this guy who is on bath salts and feels no pain. While attempting to put him the car I ram his head into the edge of the door. That stunned him for about a second and he shakes it off.

Once that suspect is cuffed and stuffed I return to the vehicle and begin to speak with the driver. While speaking with driver I hear my lieutenant say "He's naked??? What the fuck?" I look up and there is a naked male running toward us. I go back to talking to the driver hoping that someone else will go after the naked guy. I'm not that lucky. Lieutenant tells me to go after him. I start running toward him and the streaker turns off the street and heads toward the graveyard. One of the guys on the traffic stop calls in the foot chase. "K86 to KST K70 is in a foot chase with a naked white male." Our communications asked him to repeat the description of the suspect. He replies "a naked white male."

During all this radio traffic I am gaining ground on the suspect and he slips on the wet grass as he attempts to make a cut. I order him to stay on the ground but he doesn't listen and I tase him.

We get him cuffed up and ask him what he was thinking. He says it was just a college prank. However he is in his late thirties and there isn't a college for over 20 miles.

Over the years I have dealt with him a lot and he has actually turned into a pretty good snitch.
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No Compromise
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12131, you are chuck full of awesome! Yet another fantastic Karma! I am amazed at your generosity. You are what I would like to be, sharing your knowledge and toys with the forum as you do. We all should take notice of you and strive to be a little more like you.

Please don't include me, as I've already won more Karma in the last year than any one person should (from you, no less!)

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Thanks for the Karma! Please add me to the list.

Not necessarily my most interesting day, but one of my favorite funny stories (at least the ones appropriate for mixed company) involves an attempt to serve a warrant.

Went to a house to try to locate a teenager with multiple outstanding warrants. Subject was a big boy, about 5'6" and 300 pounds. He had been in the wind for a while, but we got a tip that he was back home.

As we're talking to Mom at the door, we hear a loud crash from the master bedroom, along with a wail of pain.

We make entry into the room, and see loads of pink and gray insulation covering everything in the room, clouds of it floating in the air, and two bare chubby legs sticking out of a large hole in the ceiling. We're giving commands, but he's exclaiming that he can't move because he's stuck.

Dude had been laying in bed when he heard us at the door talking to his mother, and had attempted to go hide in the attic. Apparently nobody had ever told him that he needed to walk on the joists while up there. As he was making his way through the attic and stepping over a beam, he fell through the ceiling, racking his nuts on the beam in the process.

We then had to go up into the attic and help extricate the nearly-naked fat kid from the ceiling.

Tried to hide, but ended up going to jail anyway, just with sore balls and a hell of a mess for his Mom to clean up.
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Justice Forever
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Wow! Please add me to your very generous karma. Love the P228!

It’s hard to just tell one story. Several years ago my partner and I reported for work and were told that we had an inmate from our jail going in for surgery. We get there and gown up. The only thing that is not covered is our service pistols. This guy had been practicing sticking tobacco up his ass because he knew he was going to jail. He used a small glass candle
Holder with a ping pong ball sealed with melted wax. As he’s practicing this the city police beats on his door to serve his warrant. No one told ol’boy once something goes so far into the human body, it automatically gets sucked in. That’s what happened! He waited it out a couple
Days in general population until he started getting sick so he screamed for a guard. They sent him to the ER.

We enter the OR and this guy in in some stand with his ass in the air. The surgeon is elbow deep, then anal juice squirts all over his face mask!! I almost passed out! The glass started breaking so they had to be even more careful but he got it out. My partner had them open the ‘container’ and holy hell did it stink!!

We later charged him with contraband. When we walked him to our squad I was telling him the whole story and laughing about his ass hanging out and the surgeon elbow deep. He didn’t appreciate the story.

I’ve definitely seen some interesting things.

Thank you again for the chance at this wonderful karma.

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For real?
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Please and thank you!!

Funniest day was one morning a prisoner escaped (not the funny part) and I assisted our K9 officer with the track. We ended up finding the guy under some bushes and he gave up when he heard the dog. But the dog was not listening to commands and had to be restrained by the handler. He really really wanted to bite that guy. The prisoner was shitting his pants while I was laughing and screaming don’t move at the same time.

Not minority enough!
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Do not include me. What a generous karma for the people that protect us.
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I'm in, very generous of you. One of the most interesting days I had was staking out the residence of a bank robbery suspect in Provo, Utah. They had passed out fliers at briefing showing a guy who weighed upwards of 300 lbs. We're parked down the block in an unmarked car and have a guy approach the car on foot who weighed maybe 150 lbs and ask directions to a local business. I gave him directions and he wandered off. About 15 minutes later he approached again and this time the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got out of the car. He told me his name (the guy we were looking for) and said he was tired of running and eating out of garbage cans. He'd been on a serious meth bender and looked nothing like the pictures. We almost let him get away, but it worked out in the end. Took some pretty good heat for it at the time, but I can laugh about it today.
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Pursuing the wicked
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Thank you yet again for such a great opportunity.

My best day was 9-12-2016 when I secured a Life Sentence with No Mercy (parole ineligible) against a murder defendant who had killed his ex-wife. Rest In Peace, Nancy Shaw
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I’m not really one for story telling but for an entry to one of Q’s karmas I’m in.

Several years ago a call for a suicidal 20 something family member. We get on scene and they say he’s upstairs in his bedroom. He’d been depressed for weeks and told his sister something about ending it that morning. No method communicated, no meds, no weapons.

Two of us quietly go upstairs and make our way down to the last room on the right. As we get closer I can see a dresser mirror through the partially open door. Guys sitting on his bed holding a bolt action rifle, turned out to be a Rem700 in .308Win. I stopped drew my USP and started backing down the hall even quieter and much quicker than we’d come up. My partner seeing me did the same and we got back down stairs.

We eventually got him talking from a distance and coaxed him to put the rifle down and come downstairs so we could get him some help.

The rub of this was we were issued uniform cargo shorts that we could wear in the warmer months. I had never done it because I thought they looked goofy. Well, it had been a hot and humid summer so I caved and gave them a try that day. What I remember most from that call is pointing my HK at the wall where I believed he was sitting as we backed out and praying, “Please god, don’t let me die in these shorts!” I never wore them again.

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hello darkness
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Wow thanks for the chance!. 23 years as an LEO.

My favorite days as an LEO were when I was a school resource officer. I worked in three middle schools which bordered several other lower income jurisdictions. I spent much of my days just walking the halls and helping the teachers maintain control. I spent a lot if time just talking to the wall flowers and the kids with few friends. I learned that just by asking a kid how their weekend was it broke down barriers and i became a teacher as well as a cop. Many of my kids were from very hard families gang families.

This really paid off for me in my third year when school was out over summer break we found things to occupy our time. This particular summer we were crushing teenage alcohol parties to try and prevent more juvenile DUI related fatalities. one of the things we did for entertainment was collecting Kegs. Kegs are illegal in Utah and we seize them at the parties and out of cars in an effort to try and make the biggest keg pyramid we could. We already had nine and the tenth would finish of a nice pyramid.

Any ways... I was rolling along and I saw a couple of young adults late on evening driving into one of our crime ridden neighborhoods. They trunk of the car was sagging big time and I felt the vibe. Friday night and the keg was about to arrive. They ran a red light and I turned around to stop and investigate them. They pulled onto an unlight street. As i pulled up behind the car the trunk was upen and a Keg was in the trunk. The occupants were nowhere in sight. I was standing by the vehicle and calling for a back when 7 or so very large polynesian males ran out of the darkness. They surrounded me and I could tell they were sizing me up for the beat down i was about to receive.

They didn't back down and no back was coming. I put my hand on my holster as several of the men stepped closer. I was about to draw my Glock and go for broke when a 12 year old kid ran past the men and grabbed my hand and yelled "This is my school cop. He's okay." The kid pulled me past the men and back to my car. The men didn't follow and they went back to the gang party the next home over.

I left with a thanks to the little man. Tonight the juice wasn't worth the squeeze. We debated going back with more troops but the kid vouched for me and I didn't want to put him in that place since he had just saved my ass.

That's my most interesting day. One 12 year old may have saved several lives that night including mine.
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I'm in. Three years as a city police officer here.

Not super interesting, but meaningful.

I was brand new to the street, less than two months out of the academy. I was working with my FTO and saw a white Dodge Durango leaving a local gas station with a headlight out.

I stopped the car and contacted the driver, a woman from Illinois. While I was talking to the woman, I looked in the back seat and saw her four kids. She had a 4 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, a 2 year old girl, and a 4 month old boy.

The 4 year old boy was laying on the back floorboard of the Durango, behind the driver's seat. The 3 year old was loose on the bench seat. The 2 year old and 4 month old were each in a car seat that was just set on the bench seat, not anchored. This gal was driving from Illinois to Colorado in the process of making a move. She had about 11 hours of driving still.

I took photos of how we found the kids, we secured them, and I wrote her a bunch of tickets and sent her on the way. Our state law doesn't allow for child removals or child endangerment charges based solely on a lack of child restraints.

A week later, I was working again. Our radios scanned the state patrol radio system. The state patrol has towers all over the state, but we usually only heard the closest one, which was in our county. Occasionally, we would get skip from other towers, which usually came in as bits and pieces of broken transmissions from the next tower over.

That night, I heard a state radio broadcast for a reckless driver. The broadcast was describing a white Dodge Durango with Illinois plates all over the road, unable to maintain lane, running other drivers off the road, etc. It was the same Durango I had stopped the week before (I remembered the license plate.) The eerie thing about the broadcast? It was tower skip, from a tower more than three hours away, that I had never caught skip from before, and the transmission was as clear as my own radio. It was clearer than the state radio traffic from the tower 15 miles from town. It was the only skip we caught all night.

A little later, I got a call from a detective in Brighton, CO. The woman in the Durango had been involved in an accident near Brighton. All six occupants (her, her boyfriend, and the four kids) were ejected, because nobody was buckled up. Her boyfriend was killed, and three of the kids were seriously injured. In the wreckage, they found my tickets. I ended up being able to provide them with photos and the state patrol radio broadcast, and they pursued some heavy charges against her, which resulted in her losing the kids.

A photo from the accident (link below) went viral. It was the one of the police officer holding the small child, pointing off to the clouds while other crews worked the wreck in the background.

All I did was write some tickets, but that's probably the most far-reaching measurable impact I've had in my career. I use that story a lot when I train people to drive home the point that you just never know how such a small act can have a big ripple.


May our caskets be made of hundred-year oak, and may we plant those trees tomorrow.
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