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A bigger and better question may be, Why did man come into existence?
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#2 but so much more. We have mitochondria that are in each cell that could have been single cell organisms originally and we could not exist without the numerous bacteria that live in our gut etc. We are an evolutionary miracle that I find totally wonderful. It all started from that initial spark of life eons ago.
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We were created through evolution...after God created evolution.

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and this little pig said:
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SigMonkey is my daddy???? Big Grin
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#1. Creation seems to us to have fewer and shorter leaps of faith than the notion of evolution (at least as understood presently).

We trudge on.
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There can be only 1.

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Originally posted by bigdeal:
Originally posted by senza nome:
Originally posted by mrvmax:
#1 You can’t get something from nothing so somebody had to create us.

B. Russell wants to know ... who/what created somebody>

Personally I blame Trelane!
Ah, the chicken and egg debate...and before we hit the end of the first page.

That’s kind of the purpose behind God, God is not a created being. Evolution is getting something from nothing. So I vote 1 again...
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Originally posted by H&K-Guy:
Originally posted by C-Dubs:
#5 Smile

That had me laughing out loud! Too bad I fixed it and now nobody will get the joke.


Aww... Big Grin

Then my answer is #1 for the onset, and then mostly #2 since that time.

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God first.
2 second.
Aliens 3rd.

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For me it is #1 and #1 only. There is no evolution in the bible. If evolution happened, why are we not finding all of the in betweens? As a Christian you either believe in God or nothing, as there is no Christian evolution. Genesis makes that clear.
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Evolution, obviously and inarguably.

As to what started off everything in the beginning, I don't know, and neither does anyone else.
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I can't think of
anything though
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why are we not finding all of the in betweens

We actually are. The evidence is there. You're not going to find every single in between. It'd be like looking at a picture of you every year. You can see the difference. Then look at one each month, each day, each hour. There are no noticeable differences in the short term, but over long terms, the changes are there, and evidenced.

I respect anyone's opinions and beliefs, but it drives me crazy when people misunderstand the science that does actually exist. In the scientific community, there is no debate on whether evolution has happened.

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I wrestle with the concept of God. I'm like Thomas, I suppose - I believe, help me with my unbelief. As an engineer, I tend toward the explanations involving reason and science. But reason and science are not mutually exclusive of a belief in the supernatural.

One thing I have come to realize is that I tend to put God in a box - I create Him in my own image, I try to understand Him from my own ethnocentric point of view. Where, in reality, God is so much more than that and I have no chance of comprehending what He is.

Our understanding of God is like a mosquito's understanding of man. (Poor analogy, but it's all I've got off-the-cuff.) Depending on the mosquito, man is a source of food (the cosmic "Santa Claus"), an annoyance with his constant swatting and repellent, or the being that slaps him out of existence. In reality, the man has so much going on that the mosquito is nothing more than a small part of his reality. Think about it - if you think man is the only thing God has going on, then you have a very inflated view of man's importance and place.

So my answer is a combination of several of the choices.

I don't think I explained myself very well, so I think I'll stop now before I get myself into trouble.

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Professor J. Roy Schwartz, one of the most stimulating teachers I ever had, gave a little speech one day in relation to a similar question.

Summarizing his brief response with a twinkle in his eye, he said his own working theory was Man's existence was "a fortuitous concatenation of circumstance", and our class goal would be to attempt to clarify personal opinions with diligence and critical evaluation of what brought us to that particular opinion.

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#1 is my only answer. God Bless Smile

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1) I believe it would be that God created us in his image.

2) 'Goo to you' doesn't work with Thermodynamics.
3) Laptop simulation wouldn't work because the batteries were made in China.
4) I'm not the only one in existence. I have to put up with the same assholes every time I go somewhere. I can't imagine them away.
5) Don't remember ridin' in an undocumented UFO.
6) There is only One (see options above).
7) I think the secret has been out for a few thousand years.

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God created us.

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