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God Bless America and the freedoms that we enjoy.
Never Forget what occurred on this day and the sacrifices made by so many to keep our freedoms and liberties intact.
Never forget that there are those who want this Great Country to fail.

Front sight...Front sight...Front sight...Only Hits Count.
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Now and Zen
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I’m glad you decided to do it, parabellum.

"....imitate the action of the Tiger."
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Oriental Redneck
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Yes, sir. May God Bless this shining city on the hill, land that I love.
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Character, above all else
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Thank you, Para.

"The Truth, when first uttered, is always considered heresy."
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Thanks Para. I have spent the last 2 pms watching Nat Geo and the different episodes regarding 9/11. Floods of emotions have come over me. God Bless the USA.

-------------------------------------------------------2/28/2015 ~ Rest in peace Dad. Lt Commander E.G.E. USN Love you.
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The last couple of days the Sig Forum has turned me into a crying little girl. Thank you for that! From time to time we need a kick in the pants to take us from our zombie like day to day lives to a reminder of what is really important. Thanks Para and SF members, and may God bless you all and God bless America.

We have a President again. Thank God.
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Peace through
superior firepower
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I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried quite a bit yesterday- not from anger at those who seek to destroy us, not from frustration at our fellow countrymen who are are ashamed of being Americans and who feel the need to apologize to the entire world on our behalf, not from disgust at the self-serving politicians who have plucked out their own eyes and then ask us to follow them.

Not from hate or anger or frustration with anyone or any group and not from lack of resolve to continue to stand for and speak on behalf of my country.

I, like most of you old enough to remember those days, found that in order to cope over the years with the theft of those 3000 innocent lives, I had to compartmentalize the events surrounding 9/11, and in my day-to-day life, I don't think much about it, and when I do, it is with the view of an historian recounting long ago events; or, perhaps as a clinician presenting to medical students some patient's severe illness: "This is what happened. This was the diagnosis. This is how we responded. Here is the course of treatment. Here was the prognosis, and here is the outcome."

So, you tamp it down, you sterilize it. You find a way to position yourself against events of such import that they constitute history, and on such a scale that you as an individual feel helpless. You put these memories in a little box and stow the container in a place out of your sight.

Well, when the anniversary comes around and you acknowledge the calendar date but don't intend to allow yourself to be pulled back to those days, and then, in the course of channel surfing, you run into a 9/11 ceremony, or documentary footage from ground zero on that day, that little box where you keep all of this opens up and it simply hurts. That's why I said yesterday that my decision to put up our tribute logo and to acknowledge the day was the better way for it to happen. I didn't do it out of obligation to a date on the calendar. I did it because the force of memory overwhelmed me, so, yes, I cried. But I'm not angry or frustrated or feeling defeated. I'm not even sad, if that makes sense to you. My soul dictated my actions and my words on these pages. I cried because it must be so.
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God will always provide
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I cried because it must be so.

Yes, I hung my Flag and then put up my 911 FF pendent below it and just stood and weep for all our lives that were changed forever. I do indeed hope that Tears heal the soul. My outlook changed that day about, well almost everything. Eat drink,cry and be merry for tomorrow ?? We die.
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Imagination and focus
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Amen. I have no other words at this time.
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Still finding my way
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I cried yesterday too. Not for myself but for the thought of those who have cried for someone every day for the last 18 years.
My tears are for them.
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