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Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet . . .

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A mini Bike. Awesome times!
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It was either my Red Rider BB gun ($13), or a Hardy Boys Detective Kit ($6)

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Two things I bought with earnings from a summer job in 1974:
A Panasonic stereo which was a receiver, turntable and two 2-way speakers, and
A Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 with a 4" barrel.
No idea what happened to the stereo, but I still have the Model 28-2.
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A pocket radio, AM only. Six bucks IIRC.
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the first thing that I really had to save for - an entire year of shoveling driveways and mowing lawns was to buy a 10 speed bicycle from Canadian Tire in Truro Nova Scotia

It was 1969, the cost was $125 and the frame was lime green in color

I was 11

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I Am The Walrus
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Being that I'm considerably, ahem, younger than most of you guys here, my memory is of a Sony Walkman from Service Merchandise. It had auto reverse!!!


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An original Tamiya Grasshopper r/c car. Second purchase I had to save up for a bit longer...a Cannondale M700 which I bought in HS and rode to work 3-4 days/wk as a kid and well into college.
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My dad used a 99 cent bag of little green army men as a life's lesson. I was about 4 years old and got 25 cents a week allowance. I saved 4 weeks and we bought the army men. Got some praise and kind words/attention from my dad. Lesson of pay cash must have took because I've avoided debt all my life.

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Flowers for my mother and grandmother on mother's day.

And, I ordered them on credit, my first account, with family florist for my grandmother who lived 500 miles away. Mailed the cash.

Lawn mowing money. I was about 10. I had to use the pay phone to call it in.

Never missed a year afterwards.

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12 gauge semi automatic shotgun Winchester super x model one. rode my bike to the hardware store every Saturday to make payments. 389 dollars when I was 14 years old. 45 years ago. took me six months of doing odd jobs. and I still have it.
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While in my early teens, I worked a long time saving up for a Mercury Snowmobile.

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Originally posted by OKCGene:
I don’t recall saving money for a purchase.

What I do clearly remember is saving S&H Green Stamps for getting all sorts of different things.

I remember saving Green Stamps and Plaid Stamps as well.

I've long since forgotten what I first saved money to buy.
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My needs we pretty minor back in the day. I was in a band in high school playing lead guitar. The only thing we saved for was buying beer (black label, Pabst, Mickeys malt likker, wine (Boone’s farm), or cheap whiskey (Kessler and Old Rocking chair). Life was simple and good back then. Get a buzz, turn the amps up to 11, and rock on. Sometimes go get more (older brothers buying for us) drinks and going for a ride out on the back roads. Well, I still play music in the bars, and drink a few, but I don’t need to save for it any more. I still hear “ hey man, play some Hendrix/Skinnard/Seeger. Oh yeah! Turn up the amp! Life is good.

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My first 10-speed bicycle: Schwinn Varsity. It was $107.

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A pair of carbon steel needle nose pliers. I bought them for about $2 at place called Chem City in Johnson City TN in 1957 or 1958. I still have them.

I saved up my lunch money in junior high. You could buy a slice of bread for 1ȼ and mayonnaise was free. For 2ȼ you could have a sustaining sammich.

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Dukes of hazard digital watch that played Dixie.


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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
A better bicycle.

Mine as well. I bought a Mongoose and then slowly replaced parts with better parts. It wound up a Supergoose with Tuff Wheel IIs, Mongoose bars, Redline pillow block gooseneck, DiaComp MX900 brakes, Kashimax seat, Takagi 1 piece chrome moly crank and some rattrap pedals. I really wanted Redline Flight cranks and Shimano DX pedals, but I has lost interest in BMX bicycles before I got them. I gave the bike to my oldest son when he turned 8.
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It was a handshake buzzer thing from the back of a Superman comic book in the early 60's.
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A rear slick tire, with red stripe, for my Schwinn Stingray. Looked cool and we thought they were great when popping wheelies. My dad didn't see anything wrong with the one that came with the bike.

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