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What events are you looking forward to watching?

I myself can't wait to see some curling.

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All the ski and snowboarding events
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Speed skating, downhill, super G, skiercross, boardercross, bobsledding, hockey.
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Luge, bobsled, downhill alpine, speed skating, short track speed skating. I like the speed sports.

Maybe hockey, but ever since watching the miracle on ice as a kid, hockey just doesn’t live up.

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I just hope I get to watch entire events and competition and not the ESPN-like clips of Olympic results every night....yes, including Biathlon.

The bastards.

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I'll watch a lot of it, including hockey, bobsledding, ski jumping, alpine skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, luge and the biathlon (if they show it).

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If that isn't on Skiing, snow boarding, Biathalon, bobsled, luge, speed skating, and curling

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I can’t freaking wait! Love the Winter Olympics!

Think about it, in the Winter Olympics you can die horribly in just about all the events.


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Womens' figure skating, perhaps.
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Anything but the wacko X factor type crap. Can't stand the combination of aerobatics and gymnastics while skiing. Same goes for similar stuff in the summer.

Favorite Winter Olympics moment is still the US Hockey Team in 1980. Was with a group in the Officer's Club in Brunswick Maine watching the event. Miracle on Ice INDEED! Simply unbelievable.

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Originally posted by RAMIUS:
I can’t freaking wait! Love the Winter Olympics!

Think about it, in the Winter Olympics you can die horribly in just about all the events.

The family and I enjoy it a lot too. We enjoy a wide variety of the sports. Not sure there is one we don't like actually.

As for your second thought...death by curling stone would would be quite a challenge, not to mention very messy! Wink


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Not sure how familiar y'all are with time zones, but most of it is occurring at zero dark thirty US time. Only thing that interests me that time a day is a quick trip to go pee.

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I won't watch any of it.
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Never been a fan and won't watch. The Olympics just never did it for me and when the USA started sending professional athletes it was done for me.

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I honestly can't remember the last time it was that I watched any of the Olympics.

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The Olympics is worse than the NFL ...hate it, not going to waste my time.
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I will turn this back to positive and say Yes. I will watch all I can. I love the Olympics. I remember the work it took to even get close to shooting at Olympic level, which I came close to in the 70s.

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Having been a biathlete for almost twenty years in my youth, I'll be watching that part.

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Didn't make the timing cut off for this year's events, but will Pole dancing be a winter or summer olympic activity?
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