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I remember how cool it was too have the transfer cable and pass along games like Tetris, the worm game, and the answers to up coming tests. HAHAHA
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For real?
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What does the school recommend?

I'm still using my TI-81 and TI-82 from high school (1990s)

Not minority enough!
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Whatever you do, avoid the HP50G. It has a PDF manual some 1800 pages long.

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Ol' Jack always says...
what the hell.
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Originally posted by btgoanna:
A slightly dissenting opinion Wink

SAT and PSAT allow for many different calculators - but ACT has a different list.

I chose to get my kids the best possible - i.e. TI NSPIRE CAS.

This is allowed on SAT but not ACT.

This calculator has a CAS (Computer algebra System) that can solve Algebra problems symbolically. i.e. They could do the problems in the calculator and it gives correct answers.
In some ways this is cheating - BUT others could be using it , so why not give your kid all the advantages you can.

I would also get it early so they learn how to use it to fullest advantage.
Expensive compared to TI 84 - BUT it will last throughout high school.

Any calculator you buy now will probably last them for well over a decade or more. So you need to also watch because many college math courses will not allow anything higher than a TI-84.

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Out here outside Charlotte, the 7th grade supply list says: "TI­30XIIS (Highly recommended)." It's a scientific calculator, not graphing. I just ordered a brand new one off eBay for $7 + $2.67 shipping. Walmart has it for $12.97 + tax.
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