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What are your favorite beers by:


Can you give the name, location and type/description?

Here's mine

Local: Sly Fox (Pottstown, PA) Pikeland Pils: Northern German style Pils

National: Magic Hat (South Burlington, VT) #9: "Not Quite Pale Ale" with a hint of apricot

Foreign: Weihenstephan (Freising, Bavaria, Germany) Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier: Wheat Beer

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Local: Troegs, Hershey, PA (give me any and all of them, but especially Nugget Nectar and Sunshine Pils)
National: Left Hand, Colorado (Milk Stout)
Foreign: Einstök, Iceland (Wee Heavy or Arctic Pale Ale)


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Local: Jenny Lake Lager (Snake River Brewing);

National: I’m sure there is one, but I’ll have to come back to this;

International: Spaten (warm weather), Guinness (cold weather).

Coming back to this to put in Coors Banquet (“Yella Curs”) for National. On a hot summer day during Frontier Days it goes down pretty good.

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Local(ish, I'm marooned in MS!): Truck Stop Honey, Back Forty Beer Co in Gadsden, AL

National: Certified Evil, Lucky Bucket Brewing in Omaha, NE
eta a tie with Kilt Lifter, Four Peaks in Phoenix!

Foreign: Chimay, I'll take a Red or Blue, Chimay Brewery in Belgium

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Local: Sweet Water IPA

National: New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale

Foreign: Weihenstephan Kristallweissbier

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Local: Shiner or Saint Arnold

Nation: Ballast Point

Foreign: Asahi or Sapporo

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Local— Great Lakes Brewery—Dortmunder Gold
National— Molson Canadian
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Local - Enegren Helles
National - Anchor Steam
Foreign - Asahi (Japan) Guiness (Ireland) and Bevog Ond (Austria)
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Local: New Belgium Brewing - 1554 Black (Ale) Lager / Colorado Native Amber Lager (Newly discovered)
National: Geez, Bud?
Foreign: Sapporo / Guinness

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Local: nothing drinkable.

National: Shiner Bock. (Texas)

Foreign: Guinness from Ireland, NOT Canada.

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The one I drank, the one I'm drinking, and the one I'm going to have. Damn. I must be Irish!

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by PASig:
What are your favorite beers by:


Can you give the name, location and type/description?

Local: Sly Fox Helles Lager (Kimberton, PA) - German Style Helles Larger 5% ABV

National: Dogfishead Chateu Jaihu (Delaware, now merged with Sam Adams) - Craft beer based upon an ancient Chinese recipe determined by Molecular Archeology of vessels found in a village dig on the Jaihau River. Malty golden ale made with Honey, Junipur, currant, brewed with Sushi rice. around 14 to 15% ABV.

Foreign: Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue), Abbey de Notradam, Belgium - Belgian Trappist Ale, dark in color but very balanced. 8% ABV

It is very hard for me to just choose three, since I like so many types and styles.

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Panty Peeler, Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Belgian style Tripel, 8.5% alcohol

Little Sumpin', Lanhunitas, lighter style ale

Falcon Shandy, Malta, light lemon shandy. Found this in Malta and it really is the ultimate summertime beer.

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I have only one favorite: Stiegl Gold. It’s a lager from Austria. The only beer that I buy. Known in Austria as Stiegl Goldbräu.

It comes in half liter (17 oz) cans – the right size for a beer!

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It's tough to pick just one for the local and national. Just so many great choices nowadays. So for local I picked the default if nothing else piques my interest.

Local: Troegs - Dream Weaver

National: Yuengling Lager

Foreign: Guinness
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From Pottsville, Pa. #1 Yuengling Black & Tan, #2 Yuengling Lager, #3 Shiner Bock, Shiner, Texas.

Although I’m nibbling on: 114 Old Grandad.
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Local - Real Ale Coffee Porter
National - Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout
Foreign - Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
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Red Oak, Greensboro, NC
New Holland Dragons Milk, MI
Too hard. Either Maerzen/Doppelbock/Koelsch

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Local: New Province Fallen Queen Wit

National: New Holland Dragon's Milk White

Foreign: Hoffbrau Octoberfest (fall/winter) or Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (spring/summer)
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Local, DarkHollow
Nationals, Shiner Bock
Foreign, Old Rasputin

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