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His Royal Hiney
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I'm thinking someone drove it back and forth to their home to test the navigation and they lived over 50 miles away.

They noted it in the paperwork right? so they weren't trying to hide it from you. I'd still ask the service advisor though; he can ask the mechanic.

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I worked as mechanic at a gas station around 93 - 95. We had a regular customer come in for a brake job on her Honda Civic. I didn't work on it, the other mechanic did. Apparently she jotted down the mileage when she dropped it off. After paying she came back in and wanted to know why we drove the car 4 MILES!

We told her it was standard practice to drive the car a short distance after we did a brake job. If it was 116 mile we would have some 'splainin to do, but 4 miles! C'mon lady!

I'd be pissed if they drove my car 116 mile as well, but I think 7 months is much to late to say anything.
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Originally posted by sigmonkey:
[FLASH_VIDEO]<iframe frameborder="0" height="300" src="" width="500"></iframe>[/FLASH_VIDEO]

My buddy Andy and I did that with his mom's Oldsmobile Delta 88 back in '90 or '91 on a one lane bridge in Covington, TN. We were kind of levitating whilst in mid air and looked over at one another with a shit eating grin before wheels touched ground and the magnitude of the accomplishment sunk in. Crazy bastard never let off the gas and we kept on trucking.

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I had a shop drive my car a similar distance. They told me they needed to get parts. I found out later some of the work was done at another shop a ways away.

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Have you checked the seats with an ultraviolet light? Don’t shoot the messenger Eek

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A local used car dealership had a Mercedes Coupe that they wanted to sell me, and I was interested until the owner's son told me how he had run it over a curb at speed and got it up on two wheels.

Back in the early 1970's a neighbor kid had a Lotus Europa that he had bought brand-new. The special one with the Lotus/Ford twin cam engine. He did a fair amount of performance work to it, including a set of Goodyear racing slicks. The dealership wrecked it on a test drive after a routine service, then blamed the kid since it had slicks. He never saw a dime.

Drive my car? Fuck that! Not even my Chevy Cruze. No way!

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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
You're talking about your pimped out UCAS, right ( Urbanite with Children Assault Sienna), right ???

Can you blame them???

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
That does beg to be drivin now. The driving of 116 miles would not sit well with me. Raise some hell Black92. They got it coming.
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Originally posted by TXJIM:
I don't know a single person who tracks stuff like that. Hell, I have a hard time remembering when the oil change is due even with the little sticker on the window from the dealer.

I track stuff like that on my daily driver Subaru. I log date and odometer reading for anything that isn't simply getting in the car and turning on the ignition. I know exactly when and where my tires were last rotated, when it was last washed, when the wipers were changed, air filters replaced, and when I get gas, etc.

I then scan all the receipts and invoices (like I do all my other paperwork) and store them digitally.

It takes moments to jot it down into a notebook I keep in the console. The records help me keep ahead of maintenance issues, helps me understand the true cost of ownership, and gives me objective data to consider when I evaluate my ownership satisfaction of the vehicle.

I drive my vehicle every day. Using my car is also the most dangerous activity I partake in. I don't wait until my tires are worn, or my brakes squeak, or the starter motor gives up before I take care of things.
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Did they fill the gas tank at least? That's more likely what I would have noticed.

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I'm guessing they drove it to and from a subcontractor that fixed the Nav system, because it was beyond their ability. When I worked for a Ford dealer, we used to sub contract out some things like that.
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116 miles?

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Originally posted by jimmy123x:
I'm guessing they drove it to and from a subcontractor that fixed the Nav system, because it was beyond their ability. When I worked for a Ford dealer, we used to sub contract out some things like that.

If removing 3 trim pieces, 4 screws, and a few wiring harness connectors is beyond their abilities I think I'll be visiting another dealership.

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Originally posted by 4x5:
What can you say? It's a swagger wagon!

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Every time I read a post by Black now this song will be playing in my head.

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The Ice Cream Man
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Definitely bring it up. It was a theft of a certain amount of fuel.
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I’ve worked in service many years. It was not uncommon for some advisers to put in wrong mileage due to being lazy. Also not uncommon to easily hit a wrong number key or double tap a number key. Being an advisor is a fast paced stressed job. Folks get burned out quickly from the pace. It’s very common for most advisors to be lazy on mileage logging.

Not me though I was one of the few meticulous advisors that did everything to a “T”. I was the guy they always had training all the new ones so they would do it right.

As another said it’s not uncommon for any dealer to use a certified electronic company to do radios. We used such a company because it was easier, less expensive and kept the dealer tech busy with more mechanical repairs. Most techs don’t like tearing into dashes and doing electrical.

And YES the extra mileage, no matter how it got there whether by actual driving or clerical error, is a big deal if you have factory or extended warranty. That 116 miles could
make the difference between a later repair being covered or not under warranty.

I doubt you’ll find out exactly why after several months. Especially with the turn around on advisors, good chance they are not even there now or the service manager for that matter.

My suggestion would be to have a note put in your file about the descrepency of mileage just in case you have an end of warranty repair pop up that the mileage would make a difference on cover or not.

Good Luck.

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How much time was it at the dealership? If it was only for the day or so, it was probably for testing. Perhaps there was an issue and it wasn't picking up a good GPS signal and they had to rework on it, etc. Either that or someone used it to UBER. LOL

At the large Lincoln Mercury dealership, we always took the cars somewhere else for a/v and electronics stuff.

If it was a Ferrari, I'd worry about the mileage, a minivan not so much.
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I will admit up front reading comprehension isnt my top skill.

Is there some chance they simply wrote the mileage down incorrectly? I log all my trip miles at work these are trips I repeat every week and the mileage never changes. It is surprising how often I transpose numbers in my haste to get home. O

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This happened to my Mom in Naples Florida a couple of years ago.

She brought her Mercedes into an independent shop for some routine service and had to leave it for a few days over the weekend.
She has one of those EZ passes and she routinely checks her statement monthly. She saw that on the weekend in question someone had taken her MB to Miami for the weekend. There was a log showing the car near Miami on Friday night and again on Sunday night.

Turns out the Owners son took it for a joy ride...She got free service for the next two years after she threatened to take their son to court for grand theft auto...
The kicker was that it wasn't anything exotic just a C class...


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TXJIM can I borrow your car for a mere 10K? At 200K service life that's only 1/20th. I'll have it back next year. Big Grin
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I had a truck at work that had a non repeatable problem where it would just die. Then later or the next day it would be fine. Fine for weeks some times. It went out countless times over the years and was never fixed. The repair places couldn't MAKE it happen, so they couldn't fix it (though they changed everything under the sun to pad the bill). Basically they'd drive it around for a week chasing parts of getting lunch, and when it was out of gas they'd bring it back. It always came back on empty, with 50-150 more miles on it. Roll Eyes In the months leading it being finally put out to pasture, the repair place probably put 10x the milage on it that I did.

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