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Doreen Tracey, one of the original Mouseketeers on “Mickey Mouse Club,” died from pneumonia in Thousand Oaks, Calif. on Jan. 10 after battling cancer for two years. She was 74.

Tracey appeared on the Disney series when it aired for four years (1955-1959) on ABC. She auditioned for “Mickey Mouse Club” at age 12. While being a Mouseketeer, Tracey appeared in the Disney film “Westward Ho the Wagons!” She had a role in the “Mickey Mouse Club” serial titled “Annette.” She also toured in Australia with the Mouseketeers.

Tracey remained close with the other Mouseketeers. She co-starred with them in multiple “Mickey Mouse Club” reunion shows at Disneyland and at Disney conventions. She last celebrated the show’s 60th Anniversary in 2015.

After the Disney show ended, Tracey had guest starring roles on multiple episodic television shows and toured American military bases in Thailand and South Vietnam with an original act. She then transitioned to working as a publicist for musician and composer Frank Zappa, and she had a multi-decade administration career at Warner Bros.

Born in London, England, Tracey didn’t move to the United States until she was 4 years old after her father opened a dance studio in Hollywood. Tracey learned to sing and dance in the studio.

Tracey is survived by her son and two grandchildren.


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sad news

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Sad to hear. My sisters and I watched that program almost every day.

I was desperately in love with Annette, I guess lots of us were.

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Yep Annette was a cute girl and a beautiful woman with a smokin body, it was a shame the way her health went down hill on her.
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Doreen Tracey

Born in England and performed with Frank Zappa.
The first Mouseketeer to appear nude (Many more followed her) She out-lived Annette.
She led a good life, RIP Doreen.
Doreen Tracey, an original Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club" who went on to pose nude in her mouse ears and form a rock band, has died.

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I didn't watch when they originally aired but I did watch reruns. Loved the originals. They never recaptured that one anytime they tried to do another MMC. I'd like to watch all of them again.
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Originally posted by SIG 229R:
Sad to hear. My sisters and I watched that program almost every day.

I was desperately in love with Annette, I guess lots of us were.

Yep, I was desperately in love with her as well. She was the Mary Anne of that time for sure.



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Annette Funicello was my favorite. And I believe that she was that Hollywood rarity – a conservative.

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I believe that Annette was the heart throb of millions of red blooded males!!! She sure was mine.
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