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Hey guys,

Recently got into the habit/hobby of smoking cigars. To this point I've been to my local shop and purchased and smoked some fine cigars and now its time to buy some proper equipment.

What does the forum like for cutters and lighters.

My local shop is well stocked and the owner isba great guy but I like to do my research before I spend.

Cost is not a factor if something really is that much better than the competition

Thanks in advance!!
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Honky Lips
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for lighting stick with stick matches or a jet lighter.

cutting is something of a personal preference thing, I for one like a punch, but do have a cutter for cigars that wouldn't work for. as for a brand, xikar makes good stuff.

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Thank you
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Lighter should be butane, and get the better butane, no cigarette cheap lighters.

I have a set of these from Troy's Woodworks, he's on Facebook, makes custom tools such as PerfecDraw, Cigar NubTool, Punch, Case Sized Cigar Rest, and Pocket Cigar Rest.

The Nub Tool is great for being able to stick the end of a cigar that you have smoked down so far but it's still good.

PerfecDraw is for clearing the center of a cigar that is wrapped too tight or has a blocked center.

He makes wood or synthetic parts that go around these tools, you can buy The perfectdraw by itself, I have one on the motorcycle, but for display on your cigar stand, these are nice..

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A good cutter - I like the V-cut best. A lighter that makes a good small hot spot for roasting and lighting. A cigar ash tray.

My cutter

My Lighter

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Fancy lighters have conspired against me. I swear every single one has self-destructed. Give me an old fashioned wooded match.

Don’t forget to check out
Get on the mailing list. Their deals are tough to beat.
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My son bought me a nice cigar ash tray and I bought a nice Xikar torch.

I only smoke a dozen or so every year, but I do enjoy each and every one.

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Have a gander here

When it comes to cutters, the cigar itself plays a part. A flat cap gets punched, rounded gets the guillotine or "V". A chisel tip can either get squeezed between your fingers or punched on one of the flats or "V"'d.

Lighters are butane only!! Nothing else. Butane. The more torches, the quicker the cigar lights. The fewer torches, cleaner and easier touch ups.

Matches and or cedar sticks are the "official" way to light a cigar as to not impart off flavors.

A tightly rolled cigar can get stabbed with a toothpick, a poker, or a Perfect Draw or similar product.

I like Xikar products simply for their lifetime, no questions asked, warranty. Though my go to lighter is a quad torch table lighter by Lotus.
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As other's have stated, get a good / quality butane lighter (and a multi-torch one at that).

Although there are many good brands to choose from, definitely take a look at Xikar. Their lighter's (and cutter's too) are nice, and, they come with a life-time warranty.

Having a cigar-sized ashtray is nice too.

Consider getting a travel humi, and a cigar protector case thingy that'll hold two cigars to keep safe in your pocket.

Oh, and pick up a decent punch as well (in case your lighter does not have one built in).

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I prefer to punch my cigars over cutting them. My regular lighter has one built in.

If I don't have a puncher handy I use my pocket knife. Just insert the tip and make a X.

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Thank you all.

My local shop is very big on Xikar, so I'm happy to read the many endorsements here.

I have never been a cigarette smoker so honestly I guess I am surprised at how much I enjoy to smoke cigars.

There is seemingly endless options so it'll be interesting to narrow down what I like best.

Currently I am waiting for the end of the work week to enjoy a "long live the king" by Caldwell Cigar
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Do yourself a favor. Buy a Davidoff #3 Aniversario (mild) (toro), and maybe a 702 (strong) and set them aside for 10-12 months. These aren’t inexpensive, but the #3 is my favorite.

Honestly, I just keep an ashtray, a sharp knife (cut or poke) and a jet lighter (these require a tiny bit of knowledge to maintain - mostly no air allowed in fuel tank and use triple filtered fuel). IMO, Spills (cedar strips) are awful for lighting as the smoke is full of crap from the cedar.

Otherwise enjoy. My youngest son is a tobacconist (cigars) in NYC. I’ve tried a lot of different cigars. An amazing recent surprise was an Ashton ESG. Had it laid down for a year. Spectacular.

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2 or 3 jet torch lighter (both is ideal)
Zikar v-cut and Cuban Crafters cutter
Troy's Woodworks PerfectDraw is great

If you want to splurge, get a Peter James leather case to hold it all
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Wow those peter james cases are handsome. It would be nice to fondle one before spending the cash.
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