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Originally posted by Fenris:...
You don't need a hole in the roof for that. Just strap 'em up there with duct tape, or velcro.

And scratch the paint?!!!

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I have one in my truck and love it. I will have one in my next truck.

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Originally posted by V-Tail:
My 1976 MB 240D EconoBox had a manual sunroof. No problem...

I almost bought a 240D in 1983, but passed because I wanted it with power windows but not the mandatory sunroof.

The first MB I owned was a 1989 with a sunroof, bought used so no choice. I found I couldn't use it at night for the cool breeze because the day-night mirror reflected the sky, and if I left it on the day setting, drivers following would blind me. Didn't use the sunroof at night.

My second MB was a 2001 C230, and one of the myriad of electrical problems was a sunroof that wouldn't close one night when I had to leave the car parked outside. I had to wrap a tarp over the open sunroof and through the front doors to keep the rain out.

No more for me, thanks! I prefer the manual convertible tops on my MGBs, since at least I could erect them myself as necessary.

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I have one as it came as a standard "option" on the trim I got, but I don't much care either way.
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My TrailBlazer had one. Loved it. Used it all the time in warm weather. It did reduce headroom, though. And I always worried a bit about leaks. My Jeep doesn't have one. I kind of miss it, but I'm also enjoying the headroom and the lack of worry about a leak.

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Most of my vehicles have had one. I like them quite a bit though rarely for sun. I'm weird and like them for rain and night time sky while I'm driving. I definitely cant say I wouldn't pay for one as I'm having a truck built and plunked down about 1200 for a dual pane. Price seemed crazy but I test drove one and liked it quite a bit.
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I would prefer not to have a sunroof. I never use them and at 6'3", I would rather have the head room.
Having said that, all three of our vehicles have sun roofs...

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The few days in my part of the country that a sunroof would be nice are not worth the expense of purchase. Nonetheless, I've had 10-12 cars with them sinply because I liked the car and it happened to have a sunroof. I remember a BMW that I purchased brand new and never opened the sunroof the entire time I drove it.

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I’ve never had a vehicle without one. But I’m impartial. I just usually buy the expensive models that have it ... like my 2018 Yukon Denali.

I have only opened it once or twice.

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As others have said, they usually come with other options I want for the car. Seems like every vehicle we have owned over the last 15 or 20 years have had one, we seldom use it.

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For real?
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My last few cars came with it as part of a package. Rarely use it. Prefer convertible if I want some sun.

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I only have owned on car with the sun/moon roof; it was a Lincoln Mark VII that I bought it used 2 years old. I had problems from day one with that useless item.
Car had less headroom and leaked; not to mention the all the electrical problems. Finely took it to my mechanic and had him seal the damn thing so it wouldn't leak and disconnect the motor so no one could open it.

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Have one in my Pathfinder, use it regularly in the warmer weather.
When we looked at the Escape for my wife, she originally wanted one until she 1) saw the price, a $3500 option, and 2) noticed the headroom difference (not affecting her, but noticeably affecting me).

We opted against it, but would consider again in the future, if it would work out.

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Ours came with them standard. I hate them and leave it covered all the time. My wife likes hers.
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Had the track mechanism fail on one with the roof halfway open. The car was out of warranty, of course. Holy cow, was that an expensive repair. Never owned one since and never will.
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I've had them in cars that I owned when I was younger but now I have absolutely no use for them. Here in Texas you don't want that hot sun baking you through a hole in the roof.

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I love all open air motoring, be it sunroof, t-top, Targa, convertible or the heady roadster. I love it.

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Originally posted by Timdogg6:
I am the exception it looks like. I love a sun roof.

I'm with you. When the weather's decent, I find myself opening the roof within seconds of starting the engine. In the summer, it seems to let out the day's stored hot air more quickly.

Spring and fall? Heck, yeah! If it's dry out, it's "sunroof open and heater on." I love it. Winter? Well... yes. I've been known to partly open the roof in the winter time too, if it's not horribly cold or snowing.

It's a little noisy, but it doesn't interfere with conversation -- seems I'm alone in the truck most of the time.
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I had bad memories of sunroofs. My brother had an '86 Golf with a leaky sunroof. I remember you could hear the water sloshing around and if you hit the brakes hard enough you'd get a water fall coming down on you. Ugh. A) it was a 1986 Golf b) it was an 80s VW product.

In the brief stint I sold Toyotas, sunroofs were either A) fine if it's there (most of the buyers), B) have to have it or C) no way no how. But the options list would add the sunroof as soon as you got leather and nav...

I have a 12 year old Acura RSX with a sunroof and I enjoy it. I do the Nixon thing: in the cold I'll kickstand it and then turn on the heat. I'm glad it's there but it's not a requirement. Course every car I've ever owned was used so I don't get much choice but never had a daily runner a sunroof.


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Both my cars ('97 Corolla and '11 Venza) have a sun roof, but that's just how the cars came, i.e., I didn't order the car that way, but with all the option packages I wanted, the sun roof was "standard install". Being in Houston, the heat is just too much 9-10 months out of the year to even consider opening it, though we DID have a VERY mild spring this year. I didn't even think about opening it and 99% of the time, I actually forget I have one.

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