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Praying the treatment goes well. Keep us posted
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Dances With
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Hi, you are in my prayers as well as your family, doctors, medical team and pharmacy staff and all other workers who are involved. May God Bless.
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Ontmark, lung cancer treatment has advanced in leaps and bounds in the past few years. I have a good friend with metastatic lung cancer who should not be alive, but his genetics were right for an immunotherapeutic drug called Tagrisso. He is feeling and looking 100% and this could go on indefinitely.
Immunotherapy is the way to go if your genetics are right for it.
Sounds like you are in good hands.
Remember COBRA is good for I think 18 months?

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Living In A Wild Place
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I wish you all the best in your journey! Best of outcome in your road to a good prognosis with a curative outcome.
Keep us updated.
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Still keeping you in my daily prayers.....


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Muzzle flash
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Late to following this. Prayers for recovery.


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Praying for you, hang in there.
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Prayers sent.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

Niech Zyje P-220

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Prayers for you. Good luck with the infusion today.

You will beat this.

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The warrior whispers back, 'I AM THE STORM."

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Prayers buddy.

Hang tough today.

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I'm not laughing
WITH you
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Fight the good fight my friend. I lost my wife to Non-small cell lung cancer last year. She was at stage IV when they caught it, so there wasn't much they could do but make her comfortable.


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Hang in there man. Pullin for you.

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Well went Wednesday for infusion. They did blood work first. Then a visit with the Doctor.

He looked at the blood work results and listened to my lungs. I told him I have one more day on Levaquin and started the 30 Mg prednisone taper that day. He put infusion off for a week. I asked him why. He said he wanted lungs to clear up some more and blood work look good. So I will be back there this coming Wednesday.

This the Cancer Center I am going to. My doctor is MD. Sirott. He is one of the owners of the center also.

A big thanks for the prayers and sharing info of others with good results on Opdivo.


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Putting off an infusion is pretty common. That is why they do the bloodwork first. It will not affect the overall outcome. The oncologist wants to be sure your body can handle the infusion.
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