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Airwolf was a modded bell 222. Santini's flag painted chopper was a Jet Ranger.

Never been on eithern but both would be an interesting ride. My lack of swimming ability makes me hesitate on the hovercraft though.

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Thank you
Very little
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If you are going to do a helo, do it right.

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Rock or Something
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Go for it if you have the opportunity.

A friend built a hovercraft at home for his kids. While in the trials, I got to try it out for its main den voyage. Lots of fun, very dirty, and I thought of building one myself.

I also remember my first helicopter flight in the front seat. I got to manipulate the controls for the first time. I was so psyched that it would change the course of my life afterwards.
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copters are cool, even like those better than private airplanes. Never done hovercraft, but think it would be cool as well.
Have you ridden an ATV?

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Many helo rides-maybe the most fun was one on a Colombian National Police surplus Huey. (Go ahead, Sargento, the cincuenta is loaded!)

Anyway, if the doors are off, use the adjacent seat belt as well as your own.

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Ive done 1 and 3. Both very cool experiences. Did a few hilos, so the Aurora was quite substantial, and moving for me. Wanted to see it my entire life, finally got the chance in Iceland 3 years ago I believe. Awesome for sure, you will never forget it.

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I've had several helo rides and even took helo flying lessons in a Bell 47. I had been flying radio control helo's for awhile. The instructor told me to fly it just like my R/C copters. Damned if he wasn't right, controls worked just the same. Big fun. Never been on a hovercraft. Given my age and finances probably won't ever get to.

Regards, Kent j

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Helicopter ride when I was in 6th grade, Lifeflight to the hospital after a bad car accident. Had a C collar on and kept turning my head to try to look out the window, the medic didn't appreciate that too much lol. Hover craft ride from Hong Kong to Macau, this one was more enjoyable.
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It's pronounced just
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Never done a hovercraft, done the other two.
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