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I Am The Walrus
Been years since I've used it.

Was thinking about signing up as a preferred customer again and wanted to see if it was worth it anymore.


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I have a friend in South Florida who is a large Amsoil dealer. He swears by it. Do you want me to get you his email address?
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I always ran it in my diesels with a bypass filter for extended oil changes. Had over 30k on one of mine and the oil analysis still came back good. I used their gear oil and diff oil for my old Tacoma. Sometimes their products are cheaper than buying at the auto parts places.
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I use their stuff, and I am a believer. I daresay there are other great synthetics out there, but I have noticed a minor increase in mileage and a definite quieting of gear noise by using their lubricants.

Full disclosure though, I also get it at cost from my best bud, who is a dealer.

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I use Amsoil motor oil and differential fluid. I run 10k between changes. Guys I trust told me a long time ago it was legit and I have used it ever Since.

I am sure there are a number of products that are on the same level i just stick with something when it works.

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They didn't have the preferred customer program when I signed up. I only wanted to try their products at cost, and see how well they worked for me. Eighteen years later I'm still using the products. AMSOIL has set up their motor oil in three tiers. Each tier represents how comfortable a customer has in the product. I have customers that want to only go by the mileage the OE tells them. I also have those that don't want to change their oil so often and change it at 25,000 miles.

If someone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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Been using it in my cars and truck for years.

I use Redline in my motorcycle however. Smile

Amsoil is very good.
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I use Amsoil in all my cars too for years. My Volvo mechanic is a dealer and sells it too. God Bless Smile

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I use their Dominator two-stroke oil in my bikes...very clean burning.


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Differentials, transfer cases, and transmissions get their stuff.
Awesome stuff it is.
I am sure the motor oil is as well but I have not subscribed to the extended oil change interval so it is not cost effective for me so Mobil1 is just fine for me.

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20+ years ago I purchased a used vehicle from an Amsoil dealer and he turned me onto their products. I was so impressed with them I decided to continue using them and eventually became an Amsoil dealer myself, although I only did it to get the discount and to occasionally order/sell at cost to friends/family.

I'm no longer an Amsoil dealer and while I don't currently use any of their products I'm a believer in their products overall.

One point I'll mention, and this is by no means a criticism of Amsoil or its products, but on the truck I had converted to almost 100% Amsoil products, I did run into an issue. I had converted the truck to a dual oil filtration system, which allowed me to go to extended oil change intervals. I was changing the oil once a year on it, along with doing the oil analysis program. At around 240,000 miles I had some fairly serious engine problems and it turns out that the timing chain tensioner had failed, allowing the chain to knock a hole in the chain cover. Now this particular model of truck is somewhat known for this problem when getting up in mileage so it would have likely occurred even if I hadn't been using Amsoil oil...however on a more frequent oil change interval I would've most likely noticed the tensioner remains and been alerted to the problem and taken corrective action sooner. The extended oil change interval allowed for me to miss the problem until it became much more serious...

...but regardless, I still feel comfortable in recommending Amsoil products in general.
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I Am The Walrus
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I might go back to them. Lots of positive comments here. Want to change out all the fluids on our 2014 Kia Sportage. I've been using mostly Pennzoil Platinum but might just go with Amsoil and longer change intervals.


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Years ago (Early to mid 90's)when I could buy it on the shelf in a little auto parts store in Kalispell, MT (right next to Snappy's) I would always run it in my car. Nowadays I run Lubro Moly which I can get at Napa or order from Amazon... I guess I just don't see Amsoil as anything special any more.

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Amsoil dealer here

Proven lubricants and the FIRST in true synthetics
The best, always will be
I sell it for a buck more than it costs me, once tried, they always come back.
1 year or 25,000 miles
Been using it myself for over 30 years in everything.
ALL Amsoil products are top shelf.

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I Am The Walrus
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e-mail sent


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