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Our son picked up an air fryer on sale at Costco. He and his wife like it but it's their first one and really have nothing to compare it to.

Got us doing some research but the reviews are mixed enough to trigger the old paralysis of analysis dilemma. Even the expensive ones seem to have more than just minor problems.

Anyone have one of these? Pros/cons appreciated.


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We have one that we use pretty frequently. It really seems to be nothing more than a small convection oven. Heat with a fan to circulate it.

We use it as a small oven, and for (frying) foods, Fried Chicken, French Fries, etc... come out crispy without the extra grease that you get from oil frying, but sometimes miss the flavor you get from oil frying if that makes sense.

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My ex-wife and I had an Instant Vortex air fryer that saw regular use. I liked it, for what it was. It was good if you just wanted to cook a couple chicken patties for lunch, or cook something small for a snack, without having to fire up the entire oven.

The big drawbacks were that it was rather small, so could only cook enough for 1-2 people at a time, and it could only do 1-2 different items together at once. And you have to play around with it to find the exact right time/temp settings to use for each new item you want to cook in it, since there's no standard cooking instructions like there are for conventional ovens or microwave ovens.

Once I was stocking my new kitchen post-divorce, I considered buying another one, and decided against it. It's not that much faster or better than using the oven. It heated up a few minutes faster, and it cooked things a few minutes faster, than my current oven. But the difference wasn't huge. And only a few items, like french fries, were a little better than cooking them in the oven. (And I don't eat a lot of those anyway.)

On the other hand, it's extra money, extra counter/storage space, and there's that trial and error that goes into figuring out the exact right temp and time settings to use for each new different item.

If you have a bunch of free counter space and you're the kind of person that has "chicken nuggets and french fries" every other day for lunch, then yeah, it might be worth investing in as a quicker way to pump out those specific items. But anything it can do, a regular oven can do, with just a little more time and potentially a very slightly lesser quality result.
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We have been using ours every single day for breakfast and often some items for lunch and dinner. It has been a workhorse. I have done everything from pork chops to a rib eye steak in it. Don't recommend doing the steak as it does not come out nearly as well as on the BBQ. We really enjoy it and wish we bought one earlier. Just clean the basket after every use and don't air fry the french toast sticks from Costco. Those thing leave a nasty mix of cinnamon and sugar that coats the walls of the fryer and are a pain in the ass to get off.

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We got the Emeril version. It has air fryer, pressure cooker, and sous vide in one. May be worth a look.
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We like it. Quick, easy, and a snap to clean up. Got ours from W@lm@rt 2 or 3 years ago. It's an LG Gourmet. No complaints here.
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I like mine.
I use it mainly for things like fries, wings, tots, and anything else that is traditionally deep fried. It makes food crispy just like oil frying but without all the added artery clogging crap.
I did battered cod a couple weeks ago for fish and chips and they came out delicious.
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We have a Kitchen Aid KCO12BM. It gets used 3-4 times a week. It does fantastic for chicken wings, fries, roasted veggies, fish....

It is really good for my wife and I since it's just two of us in the house and half the time we cook for ourselves anyway. If you're cooking for more than two, you are going to need something bigger

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We really liked ours for bacon, cheese sticks, spring rolls, chicken nuggets and onion rings. Next we upgraded to the Ninja 5 in 1 cooker. It's the bomb. It also is a slow cooker, grill, and air fryer. We load it up and take it to our winter place in half the room that the old air fryer/Instant Pot/George Forman Grill used to take. $165 at Costco. We love it.

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I have the Emeril airfryer/pressure cooker combo.

I use it to cook chickens in no time, then pop the air fryer to the top and crisp the skin right up. They are perfect every time.

Chicken wings, the same way. Pre-cooked chicky wings are a snap with the fryer attachment alone.


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They do veggies and fish perfect every time. You can google recipes and come up with a ton of them. We have two identical one because the basket is not very big and if you put two pieces of fish in there you won’t have much room for anything else. With a little practice you can time them so they get done at the same time.

As a side benefit they don’t heat up your kitchen at all in the warmer months when you have the AC on.

As far brands it’s you are getting a basic air fryer with nothing fancy added they all do basically the same thing.
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My wife got a Dash fryer a few months ago and we have been very pleased. It is great on frozen fries, chicken fillets, etc.
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I got a Ninja air fryer/pressure cooker 8 qt on sale from Wal Mart for $150. Used it last weekend on drumsticks. So good. Definitely worth it.


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My wife and I were given a basket style air fryer several years ago for Christmas. We used it so much it broke it. We called the manufacture and it was under warranty so we replaced it. That one eventually broke so we got an oven style next.

This one has lasted the longest. This one is made by Cuisinart. It is their digital air fryer toaster oven. You can choose some of the pre program modes or do some customization to the cooking modes. It has a lot of different functions I have not used yet.
We kind of got it for free. It was part of the company my wife works for rewards program.

So far so good. We like that we can cook for just the two of us with out heating up the big oven. The one thing you do have to pay attention to is the size of the oven. Depending on what you are using it for it will limit the size of what you can cook in it and for how many people. It is just my wife and I so it works for us so far.

I have made so far, french fry's, chicken,hamburgers,meatloaf,salmon,pork loin and onion rings.

In the air fry mode the fry's and onion rings have come out crispy. Not like being fried in oil but for my taste they are fine.
Hamburgers and the salmon I have also done in fry mode and it has worked out great. You do have to keep an eye on things tho. Things can burn fast if you are not paying attention.
The rest of my cooking so far has been in oven mode.

So far I am pleased with the results.

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