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Political Cynic
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all of them are seditionists, some are just outright criminals but I'd like to see them ALL investigated with indictments handed down

a few of them are going to need a lot of would be a hoot if they were all charged at once, and there was a shortage of lawyers to defend them

yeah, Clinton and Obama with public defenders...

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Thank you
Very little
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Its a bit long to copy and paste, so here's the transcript of Rush's discussion on the subject today from his show.


Somebodys going to get called infront of the AG's team, and get presented with an invitation to a Grand Jury, they'll get a nice story of 20 to 40 years for treason charges and talk...

It's already started as rosenstein has already began to unload on Comey, like rats in a sinking ship you'll see them out of the country or singing to the Grand Jury.

Trump appointed John Durham and he's got a history of going after problematic government people.

I like the image of John Durham, kinda has a Wilfred Brimley look, hopefully he'll get to say "wonderful thing Subpoenie"

Link to original video:

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Seems like a lot of folks think all these clowns are going to skate. I can understand why folks think that, but I sure hope they’re wrong. I have no idea who is going to be first (if any of them), but it would do my heart good to see every last one of them indicted, convicted, and sent away for a good long time. I suspect if that happens we’ll see a lot less of this kind of nonsense in the future. If everyone skates like so many seem to think they will, I don’t know what will prevent the DemonRats from ratcheting their illegal behavior up to eleven.

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Transplanted Hillbilly
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It probably won't happen, but nothing would make me happier than seeing Obama do the perp walk.
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IIRC, McCabe's legal defense fund got to $500k pretty quickly before he stopped accepting donations. And that was before his book deal. And then I think he was offered jobs by a few Dem Congresscritters right after he got fired from the FBI. He ain't gonna miss a meal. Any of these guys who go to trial are going to wrap themselves in the flag and claim they were trying to save the Republic. I wonder where such a trial would be - in Alexandria, VA or DC. Different jury pools, despite the two venues being right next to each other. Manafort's federal trial was in Alexandria. I really don't know if any of them would take deals or take their chances in front of a jury. Very tough call.
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