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Lots of "hum" from my clothes washer. And cold water barely running while filling. I swap it to warm/cold or warm/warm and it fills better, but still not like it has been.
This unit is 17 years old, analog dial type selectors. Been a good one, but is it on its last legs?
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Replace water valve.
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Got a clogged screen on cold water hose? Not sure if there is one, but sounds like something restricting water flow.
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Where the hoses connect to the water solenoid, there are screens, dig them out and clean them. Make sure you don't have any grit in the inlet before you put them back in place!


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Our Maytag is 25 years old. Had the repairman out to fix the igniter in the dryer (20 years old) last year.
Repair guy says, if you ever have an issue with either of these you REALLY want to repair them. Very solid units with little to go bad on them.
The newer ones have a much more suspect build quality.
Had to replace a seal on the washer about 5 years in. Probably one of the best purchases we have ever made.
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Originally posted by Snapping Twig:
Replace water valve.

What he said. DO NOT DO NOT remove the screens. If they can't be cleaned in place by wiping with a paper towel or cotton swab, replace the valve. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out after the customer flooded their house because someone had taken the screens out of a valve and either not put them back in at all or got them in cocked.

I guarantee the valve will stick open at some point and if you are not there when it does, you will have a flood. Avoid the problem, never remove inlet screens to clean them.

While you are at it, replace the fill hoses. If you have ever seen what happens when one bursts, you know why.

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