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Count me as in that group, damn.

I recently , voluntarily went through some heart tests as I have bad family history. Yay, those came out great, low risk and no blockages.

I also had a lower abdomen CT scan because I was having some unexplained abdominal cramping. Didn't find anything that would be causing the cramps. but test shows a golf ball size mass on the lower frontal lobe of the right kidney. About 80% of these solid masses are cancerous, so I am now scheduled for a robotic, laparoscopic, partial Nephrectomy in a few weeks.

Biopsies typically aren't done as there are risks of damaging other parts of the body or even spreading the cancer.

Basically, a simple removal of the mass and a little of the kidney, leaving a functioning kidney behind. From the looks of it prior to the surgery, it is small enough to be classified as Stage 1 and doesn't appear to have spread to the lymph nodes or other organs. THANK YOU CRAMPS! Expectations are a for full cancer free recovery with annual scans to stay on the look out for others.

What a blessing to find it early and I just wanted to say if you are over 60, and have a reason for a CT scan or if you just want peace of mind, have a scan. I would never have thought I would have found this, as I had no symptoms, no blood in the urine, or any other reason to suspect this.

I don't post a lot, but have learned a ton from you guys and anyone I have written to directly has always responded in a positive manner. Passing this info along is the least I can do.

Thank you all and especially Para for hosting this board, there is no other place like it.
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blame canada
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My prayers are with you in this time.

I share your optimism and agree that finding it early like this must be a good thing.

Keep us updated.

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It happened to my father. He fell from a ladder (what a 70 year old man was doing on a ladder, I can't say) and went in to the doc because he hurt and thought maybe he cracked a rib. He hadn't cracked a rib, but the scan or x-ray showed kidney cancer. The kidney was removed and he is fine, but the doctor told him that usually kills people as it isn't a cancer they often discover until too late.

My best to you.

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Happened to a family friend recently — he was in a small car accident and they ended up doing a CT scan and everything looked fine ... except the tumor on his kidney.

They removed the kidney a week or two later. And all seems to be well now. He had no idea.

Same happened to our own LBJ I do believe — they were looking at something completely unrelated and he requested a CT scan which unearthed his kidney tumor. Which, IIRC, could have been growing for 10+ years. Scary and sad.

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My older brother just had his kidney removed about 4 months ago. He started peeing blood went in and they started the diagnostic process, culminating in his kidney removal.

The tumor was cancerous, and large enough that they couldn't save the kidney. His scans post removal have all been clear so far.

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Prayers for a successful surgery and rapid recovery.

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Thanks for the kind words and hopefully getting the message out will save some lives.
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That's about as good as news so bad gets. Best wishes to you in the treatment and recovery.
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Something happened to me 7 years ago. 4days in the
hospital and a 2 week vacation and I am good as new. Btw they took the whole kidney.
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Two of my friends in the last 5 years or so had cancer in their kidneys diagnosed. Thank goodness our employer required VERY thorough physical prior to retirement. Both lost a kidney. Both are fine (and working for me now at my company.) Having cancer sucks, having this kind at this point in history only sucks a little. My prayers for your speedy recovery, and I am glad it was no worse.
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I am happy they caught it early at Stage 1.
What great news.

Clear cell carcinoma is nothing to sneeze at.
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God bless you for finding it!

Well thank you pal. The day I get out of prison, my own brother picks me up in a police car.
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Prayers sent your way.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine from my previous agency found out about three weeks ago that he has pretty much what you do. He's scheduled for surgery on Thursday the 19th.
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