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I picked up some extra cases of water, some extra canned goods, a few frozen pizzas, granola bars and a big jar of peanut butter and some crackers. I have a lot of guns and ammo already.


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i need to make a visit to walgreens whathaveyou for otc meds

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Just booze.


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I forgot. I did pick up some Tylenol and Motrin and 1.75L of makers mark too.


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We have quite a few different grocery stores in our area and already have a couple weeks worth of food in the house with more coming tomorrow.

Our biggest concern was food for our dogs. We feed a raw diet for them and have limited freezer space due to having just a refrigerator at the moment. I’ve been wanting to get a freezer for in the garage for quite a while now and I’ve finally convinced my wife that it’s needed. It’ll be delivered on Wednesday, so next week we’ll be able to start buying our dog food (as well as the raw goats milk which is also bought frozen) in bulk. I plan on being able to buy a month’s worth at a time.

After talking to the owner of our feed store, she won’t have a problem getting this much food for us and the only way she would close down is if the government forces her hand. We live in Illinois so it is definitely a possibility with the piece of shit in the governor’s mansion right now.
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3 weeks worth of freeze dried stuff. Rib roast, tenderloin, all vacuum sealed in 1"+ slices. Then extra normal stuff, not that the meat is abnormal, just a little extra. Rice, beans, canned veggies, oatmeal. Stuff we'd use anyways. Always wanted to have 6 weeks in the past. After this passes, I'll have the long term storage stuff, and keep extra inventory of the rest. Always wanted to be better prepared, this was perfect excuse.

Ammo and guns already way prepared for.


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A few cans of soup. And a twin pack of Tylenol. I haven’t used it in thirty years, but I hear it works well against the Corona. Better than my usual go to, ibuprofen.

Wish I could have gotten a couple of steaks.

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Actually nothing. I'm certain I've forgotten something... Smile
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Beer,PlayStation games and porn.

To be serious, we always have plenty of food on hand anyway, There’s a well in the garden and we have some wood to burn.

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Nothing. Been stocked for years and rotate out as needed.

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Nothing specifically for the virus. I already have emergency supplies, as I should. One final trip to Costco to stock up the freezer.

OK, I did order a box of P95 filter elements for my respirator. Juuuuust in case. (They were easy to get, and regular price.)

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Living as we do in hurricane Country we're prepared all the time. We did do some shopping for meat at the local butcher and I did pick up a flat of Ponchatoula strawberries and some fresh veggies from a road side stand, but the non perishable stuff is rotated on a regular basis.

With schools out until April 13th (My school is out until April 20th) we'll definitely be going through more fresh food. Right now eggs are the only thing I wish I had more of.

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I’m throwing the damn TV out the window, if I see or hear the name of the damn virus one more time. Every story, now some commercials. We have normal hurricane supply’s, that should be enough to hold us about 3 weeks.

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I ordered some underwear and my son some socks via Amazon, and the damn order was cancelled. Undeliverable. Refund pending. WTF. After it had shipped.

Otherwise, meh. I work 7 nights starting Wednesday. I’m sure they will jack with our schedule. Plus the busiest hospital in the city is in my division, so that’ll be fun.

When the kids’ school was cancelled my wife did make an extra run for some food specific to them, since normally they would have gone to their mom’s, but instead they are staying here two+ weeks. So that wasn’t planned. We had plenty food for ourselves.

But other than that, everything is normal. I had just picked up 180 eggs from my dad’s farm, but again, just normal for us. Unfortunately we won’t have a steer butchered for a few months, or that’d be another 400 pounds of beef. But we’re good for a while.

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Ammo...BCGs...anything AR related Big Grin...can't be to conservative on the stockpiling Wink


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Nothing really, with the exception of a strong dislike for panic buyers.

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Since retirement, I don't get out in public much anyway. Additionally, for about 3yrs now, I have subscribed to "Home Chef" meal kits. So, most of my (uncooked) meals are delivered. Home Chef sent an email today with this to say ...
The CDC has stated there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food and that coronaviruses are unlikely to survive on the surfaces of food products or packaging. In general, because of poor survivability of coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely a very low risk of spread from food products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days at ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures (how Home Chef meals are shipped). This statement has also been supported by the FDA. We work closely with our national carrier partners to ensure delivery continuity as we know you count on Home Chef arriving at your doorstep on time. As always, our deliveries do not require contact with the drivers.
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Mrs slosig bought a puzzle the other day. We’re reasonably well set on everything, but she thought something else to work on with the kids home might not be a bad idea.
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Too late here. Things were dumb last week and even worse today after the three week lockdown was announced. I’ll hit the store later this week once people begin to calm down a bit. The foods still coming. The shelves will be restocked. Trying to figure out the best time to go. There was a minor run in banks today and they were limiting withdrawal amounts. Something to think about for all y’all who aren’t quite where I am. If you’re thinking about padding the cash stash at home maybe do it before panic mode sets in. I’m calling CDC tomorrow to find out if eating infected people puts me st an increased risk or not.
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I bought two 3 lb bags of Pistachio nuts at, I'll be alright for a few days.

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